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  • Interpretation of laboratory analysis of biosolids samples 

    Brown, James R.; Sievers, Dennis; Magai, Robert (University of Missouri. Extension Division, 1995)
    "Biosolids material is useful for land application. It contains organic matter and plant nutrients, such as nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). But, biosolids material from municipal secondary waste treatment plants does not ...
  • Activity and movement of plant nutrients and other trace substances 

    Hoette, Gary D.; Brown, James R.; Arnold, Ken (University of Missouri. Extension Division, 1995)
    "Biosolids is the term for an organic fertilizer or soil amendment produced by the treatment of domestic wastewater. Domestic wastewater treatment and disposal are evident in the archaeological digs, but the practice of ...
  • Benefits and risks of biosolids 

    Arnold, Ken; Magai, Robert; Hoormann, Richard; Miles, Randall (University of Missouri. Extension Division, 1996)
    "Biosolids are domestic wastewater sludge that meet standards for beneficial use as fertilizer or soil conditioner. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (Missouri ...
  • Biosolids standards for pathogens and vectors 

    Arnold, Ken; Dunn, John H.; Sievers, Dennis (University of Missouri. Extension Division, 1994)
    "Biosolids is domestic wastewater sludge that meets standards for use as a fertilizer or soil conditioner. Biosolids standards include limitations for metal and other compounds, pathogen reduction, vector requirements and ...
  • Nitrogen in the environment : nitrogen replacement value of legumes 

    Killpack, Scott C.; Buchholz, Daryl (University of Missouri. Extension Division, 1993)
    "Nitrogen is essential for all plant life. Regarding agricultural crops, a sound nitrogen management program is important for achieving high yields. For many crops, application nitrogen fertilizer is both a practical and ...

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