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  • The fat and lipase content of the blood following fat feeding and during increased muscular work 

    Robnett, Dudley (University of Missouri, 1917)
    Summary: 1. The fat content of the blood inoreases after a meal rich in cotton seed oil fat. 2. Cotton seed oil fat is more slowly digested than cream fat. 3. The lipase content of the blood increases after a meal of cotton ...
  • Art as an interpretation of history during the Hellenistic Age 

    Pritchard, Bertha (University of Missouri, 1917)
    In this work, I have not been concerned so much with the trivial events and facts of art in history, as I have desired to interpret in a broader sense the political and social condition of the age through the medium of ...
  • Winter rations for dairy heifers 

    Maughan, Merrill Owen (University of Missouri, 1917)
    The special object of these experiments is to compare the efficiency and economy of rations which are conducive to rapid growth with rations of such character as to admit of but limited growth.
  • A geologic section along the north side of the Missouri River from Providence, Missouri to North Jefferson, Missouri 

    Griley, Horace Longin (University of Missouri, 1917)
    The purpose of the field work was, primarily, to collect sufficient data from measurements made at numerous points along the northside of the Missouri River to draw acourately, in a structure section, the contacts of the ...
  • MUSEUM Magazine, Number 64 (2014 Winter) 

    Barker, Alex W.; Gibbons, Danielle; Pierucci, Antone; Higgins, Lisa L.; Callaway, Cathy; Mehrhoff, Arthur; Southwick, Scott; Kidd, Benton (MU Museum of Art and Archaeology, 2014)
    The issue's feature article, "The Alluring Lady Hamilton," focuses on two portraits of Lady Hamilton: Portrait of Lady Hamilton, by the British artist George Romney, and Portrait of Lady Hamilton as a Bacchante, by another ...

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