Cisco's Legacy

Fund Memorializing Beloved Pet Advances Research into Deadly Disease

Mark Dickherber and his wife, Stephanie Hoff, of Chesterfield, left their 7-year-old Italian greyhound, Cisco, with a family member when they went on vacation in 2009. Concerned that the dog seemed abnormally tired and somewhat despondent, Cisco’s dog sitter took him to his veterinarian. The vet treated Cisco for what was believed to be a muscle injury and sent him home. However, his condition failed to improve. On the morning Dickherber and Hoff were scheduled to return to St. Louis, the Italian greyhound began urinating blood.

Upon hearing the news, the couple went directly from the airport to the veterinary clinic where their ailing pet was again being treated, this time with blood transfusions.

“He would respond just a little to the transfusions,” Dickherber said. “We were told we needed to get him to a specialist. We didn’t understand the seriousness of the disease.”

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