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    An exploration of factors affecting retention and persistence of undergraduate military veteran students at the University of Missouri [1]
    An exploration of Indiana's English language learner language programming models [1]
    Exploration of magnetism in 3D and 2D systems [1]
    An exploration of mechanisms for Arabidopsis TCP transcription factor activity at an interface of development and immunity [1]
    An exploration of middle school teachers' essences of participation in service-learning activities [1]
    Exploration of plus size women's apparel satisfaction, non-wear, and discard [1]
    An exploration of self-determination theory in individual track and field Olympic medalists from the United States of America at the 2012 London Games [1]
    Exploration of supercritical water gasification of biomass using batch reactor [1]
    An Exploration of Teachers’ Early Childhood Guidance Beliefs and Practice within Early Learning Classrooms [1]
    The exploration of the "Flutie factor" and philanthropic contributions to NCAA Divsion II football championship institutions from 1997-2010 [1]
    Exploration of the contentious relationship between increased work engagement and service worker well-being [1]
    An exploration of the elements in music [abstract] [1]
    An exploration of the experience of fear and its impact on performance in NCAA divers [1]
    An exploration of the familial risk profiles of kindergarten students and later academic and behavior problems [1]
    An exploration of the intersection of dimensions of the coach-athlete relationship and interactions with high performance and athlete well-being [1]
    An exploration of the knowledge high school guidance counselors in Missouri have as they assist undocumented students trying to gain access to college [1]
    An exploration of the lived experience of collegiate student-athletes in an 8-week mindfulness intervention [1]
    An exploration of the moderating impact of mentorship on the relationship between Christian religious orientation and moral reasoning [1]
    An Exploration of the Origin, Characteristics and Performance Styles of Negro Spirituals [1]
    Exploration of the Referral Process of Social Work Within a Policing Structure [1]