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    The experimental development of the mammary gland. I, The male and female albino mouse. II, The male and female guinea pig [1]
    Experimental evaluation and modeling of concrete masonry unit walls [1]
    Experimental evaluation of apparent tissue surface tension based on the exact solution of the Laplace equation [1]
    Experimental evaluation of characteristic temperature with varying duty cycles in 2μm vertical cavity surface emitting lasers due to external optical pumping [1]
    Experimental evaluation of intravascular flow meter and miniature RFID antennas using MEMS pressure sensors and flexible PCD techniques [1]
    Experimental evaluation of laminated glass interlayer under high strain rates [1]
    Experimental evaluation of structural composites for blast resistant design [1]
    The experimental induction of growth of the cow's udder and the initiation of milk secretion [1]
    Experimental investigation of a magnetically balanced arc in a transverse argon flow [1]
    An experimental investigation of a meter-scale flat-plate oscillating heat pipe [1]
    Experimental investigation of a novel disc oscillating heat pipe and heat conduction effect on the startup of oscillating motion [1]
    An experimental investigation of drunk personality using self and observer reports [1]
    An experimental investigation of low temperature plasma sterilization, treatment, and polymerization processes [1]
    Experimental investigation of nanofluid oscillating heat pipes [1]
    Experimental investigation of oscillating heat pipes [1]
    An experimental investigation of the fluid structure interactions of a single curved nuclear fuel plate in a narrow channel [1]
    Experimental investigation of U-Pipe evacuated tube solar collector: thermal performance enhancement methodology [1]
    Experimental mechanics study of a dam Tainter gate [1]
    Experimental oak wilt control in Missouri [1]
    The experimental origins of NPR [1]