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    Indirect land use change: a second-best solution to a first-class problem
    Indiscriminate or Intentional: Locations of Nonprofit Organizations in Kansas City
    Indispensable Lives : Magical realism and postcolonial resistance in Ana Castillo’s So far from God, and Junot Diaz’s The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao
    Individual and competitive adsorption of MSMA and phosphate onto iron and non-iron soil
    Individual differences affect hormonal responses to a team-based violent videogame competition, but not in solitary play
    Individual differences among alcohol and tobacco users: Self-classification and problem recognition [abstract]
    Individual differences in alcohol sensitivity and their effects on subjective state and craving in naturalistic environments
    Individual differences in intuitive processing and moral judgment
    Individual retirement accounts
    Individual vs. systemic justice : using trust and moral outrage to predict reactions to vigilante murder
    Individual, population and landscape-scale effects of timber harvest on the red-legged salamander (Plethodon shermani)
    Indivisibles and the cycloid in the early 17th century
    Indo-American library cooperation
    Indole Arynes in organic synthesis : discovery and applications for the total synthesis of complex natural products
    Indoor human activites recognition using audio signals based on support vector machines and convolutional neural networks
    Indoor scene 3D modeling with single image
    Induced apoptosis of neuroblastoma by treatment with anti-oncogene peptide nucleic acids [abstract]
    Induced seismicity in Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah
    Industrial development functions of area vocational schools in Missouri
    Industrial process design and cost analysis for the production of a specific activated carbon [abstract]