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    How do we measure the impact of an investigative story? : impact measurement at WFAA-TV in Dallas [1]
    How do you evaluate macrocytosis without anemia? [1]
    How do you like this comment? : persuasive effects of online comments and heuristic cues in crisis communication context [1]
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    How does electronic fetal heart rate monitoring affect labor and delivery outcomes? [1]
    How does malaria jump from mosquitoes to humans? [1]
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    How does the Chinese government use social media to react to social crisis: a content analysis [1]
    How does tissue adhesive compare with suturing for superficial lacerations? [1]
    How does VTE risk for the patch and vaginal ring compare with oral contraceptives? [1]
    How does your garden grow? [1]
    How effective and safe is fecal microbial transplant in preventing C difficile recurrence? [1]
    How effective are complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) therapies for fibromyalgia? [1]
    How effective are dietary interventions in lowering lipids in adults with dyslipidemia? [1]
    How effective are exercise and physical therapy for chronic low back pain? [1]
    How effective are hypertension self-care interventions? [1]
    How effective are leukotriene inhibitors for asthma in children? [1]
    How effective are lifestyle changes for controlling hypertension? [1]
    How effective are nasal steroids combined with nonsedating antihistamines for seasonal allergic rhinitis? [1]