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    Use of geographic information systems and remote sensing as automated tool for variable rate irrigation prescriptions [1]
    The use of geomorphological and pedological soil characteristics to assess planar borrowing at a Mandan Indian village, North Dakota [1]
    Use of green manures & cover crops for the south [1]
    The use of heavy minerals in studies of the origin and development of soils [1]
    The use of hi-fidelity mannequin for status epilepticus simulation to enhance medical student's performance [1]
    Use of incentive/disincentive contracting to mitigate work zone traffic impacts [1]
    The use of infographics in newspapers' business reporting about global market swing [1]
    Use of Jacobians for inverse kinematics of articulated robots : a study on approximate solutions [1]
    The use of lard in cookery [1]
    Use of lighted ureteral stents in laparoscopic bowel surgery [abstract] [1]
    The use of lysotracker to label lysosomes in attached cell cultures [abstract] [1]
    The use of magnetic resonance imaging and proton spectroscopy to identify critical tissues in dogs with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for future assessment of therapeutic intervention : a pilot study [1]
    Use of main channel and shallow-water habitat by larval fishes in the lower Missouri River [1]
    The use of massively parallel sequencing to study the virome, epigenome and genome of canine and feline cancers [1]
    Use of medical services in rural Missouri [1]
    The use of metaheuristics for feature selection and the derivation of diagnostic rules [1]
    The use of metal conductors to protect buildings from lightning [1]
    The Use of Modulated Light to Enhance Oil Production from Algae in an Underground Environment [abstract] [1]
    Use of multimodal stimuli to facilitate associative memory in older adults [1]
    Use of narrative style in broadcast news [1]