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    Use of slow-release N fertilizer to control nitrogen losses due to spatial and climatic differences in soil moisture conditions and drainage in claypan soils [1]
    The use of sodium iodide for the management of bovine respiratory disease [1]
    Use of South African native plants to alleviate heat stress-induced subfertility [abstract] [1]
    Use of stable carbon isotopes to assess anaerobic and aerobic methane oxidation in hypersaline ponds [1]
    The use of strategies for learning words by populations with language delays [abstract] [1]
    The use of superabsorbent polymer in standard and pervious concrete [1]
    The use of supercritical fluids to process biomass for fuel [1]
    The use of surgical safety checklists during time-outs in rural and urban operating rooms [1]
    The use of Table Rock Reservoir projectile points in the delineation of cultural complexes and their distribution [1]
    Use of the centrifugal governor mechanism as a torsional vibration absorber [1]
    The use of the fable in Roman satire [1]
    The use of the flux plot in traffic [1]
    The use of the Nintendo Wii for balance and cognition as a trement modality in occupational therapy in persons with multiple sclerosis for increased independence in activities of daily living [abstract] [1]
    Use of The Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services © (RAAPS) Tool for Improving Detection and Follow-up Rates in Adolescents [1]
    The Use of the Trombone in Orchestral Literature [1]
    Use of the veterinary medical database to update the veterinary oncology literature [1]
    Use of treated wood (1979) [1]
    The use of Twitter as a news source in sports reporting [1]
    Use of ultrasonics in swine improvement [2]
    The use of vegetable protein concentrates for raising turkeys [1]