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  • The teaching of handwriting 

    Capps, A. G. (Arlie Glenn) (University of Missouri, 1917)
    Text from page 1: The problem of this investigation is to study the uses of diagnosis and corrective measures in the teaching of handwriting.
  • Teaching of physics in the high school 

    Powell, Andrew Thompson Tilden (University of Missouri, 1911)
    There is much unrest as to physics instruction in the high schools, as evidenced by the many and varied discussions of methods of teaching that subject. No phase of the question has been overlooked, laboratory methods, ...
  • Tendencies to emphasize practical problems in the teaching of physics in secondary schools 

    White, Robert Ernest (University of Missouri, 1910)
    Perhaps no subject in the secondary school curriculum has greater possibilities than the subject of physics. Most of the sciences are more or less dependent upon it. Not a single one can stand alone. Indeed, approximately ...
  • University of Missouri as a centralizing factor in the educational activities of the state 

    Malott, James Isaac (University of Missouri, 1910)
    In many lines of activity to-day, there is a strong tendency toward centralization, for organization is a great solvent of waste. In the business world this has resulted in the corporations of the country. In the state it ...
  • The withdrawal of pupils from school 

    Major, John William McGarvey (University of Missouri, 1906)
    This subject has, perhaps, received more attention and less careful study than any other educational problem. The numerous compulsory school attendance laws, both in Europe and America, testify to the consideration this ...