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    Evaluation of the retail display life of ground beef stored in modified atmosphere packaging and modern lighting conditions
    Evaluation of the service performance of an innovative precast prestressed concrete pavement
    Evaluation of the true precocious puberty rats induced by neonatal administration of Danazol: Therapeutic effects of nourishing "Yin"- removing "Fire" Chinese herb mixture
    Evaluation of therapeutic effect of IKK epsilon SiRNA on breast cancer cells and development of a peptide-based SiRNA delivery system
    Evaluation of therapeutic effect of PCBP2 siRNA on hepatic stellate cells and development of a streptavidin-based siRNA delivery system
    Evaluation of using ferrofluid as an interface material for a field-reversible thermal connector
    Evaluation of wearing surface systems for the orthotropic steel deck of the San Mateo Hayward Bridge
    An evaluation study of an alternative middle school at-risk program
    The Evans function, the Weyl-Titchmarsh function, and the Birman-Schwinger operators
    Evening edition: trauma, journalism and the post-9/11 novel
    Event driven querying of semantic sensor web services
    Event-history mediator models of college attrition: risk goups and risk factors
    Event-related potential correlates of feedback anticipation during motor learning
    Ever towards the setting sun they push us: American Indian identity in the writings of Mary Alicia Owen
    The ever-evolving reporter: examining an organizational culture inspired effect on the psychological climate of television reporters in the digital age
    The evergreen bagworm
    Everybody in and nobody out: opportunities, narrative, and the radical flank in the movement for single-payer health care reform
    Everybody loves "Sideways": patterns of consensus (and lack thereof) among movie critics in 2004
    Everyday Courtesies (A 4-H Club Activity)