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    Evidence-based practice 18, no. 12 (2015)
    Evidence-based practice 19, no. 01 (2016)
    Evidence-Based Practice Asthma Education in Primary Care
    Evidence-based practice, vol. 19, no. 08 (2016), Table of contents
    Evidence-based practice, vol. 19, no. 10 (2016), Table of contents
    Evidence-based practice, vol. 19, no. 11 (2016), Table of contents
    Evidence-based practice, vol. 19, no. 12 (2016), Table of contents
    Evidence-based treatment strategies in youth mental health treatment as usual: results from a national survey
    Evoking Emotion :The Visual Rhetoric of World War II Propaganda
    Evoking landscape practices through ethnographic fiction
    Evolution and religion: theory, definitions, and the natural selection of religious behavior
    The evolution of a beat: a case study of changes in environmental reporting from the 1970's to today as evident in coverage of three disastrous oil spills
    The evolution of B&PA : 75 years of progress and growth
    The evolution of Brassica crops and wild relatives: phylogenetics, development and domestication
    Evolution of Capacity for Institutionalized Management of Intellectual Property at International Agricultural Research Centers: A Strategic Case Study
    The evolution of homeothermy : from dinosaurs to man
    Evolution of maize defense gene expression altered by Wolbachia [abstract]
    The Evolution of Pedal Tone Systems for Trumpet and Their Relationship to the Increased Trumpet Range in Big Bands From 1940 to 1970
    The Evolution of Piano Technique
    The evolution of presidential campaign coverage: young journalists and the digital age