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    The moat
    Mobile aging: A randomized trial of mobility transition counseling for high-risk older adults
    Mobile and tablet media platforms: effects on editors at print publications
    Mobile App Monetization – Expectations and Attitudes Formed by Users in Response to Advertising and Pay To Download Monetization Models
    Mobile phones and market participation among smallholder farmers in the Bolivian altiplano
    Mobile speed estimation for hierarchical wireless network
    Mobilizing Science and Technology for Development: The Case of the Cassava Biotechnology Network (CBN)
    MOBIUS authorities workshop
    Modality shift in design process: Understanding the rationale behind modality shift and its effect on architectural design
    Model development to measure resilience in adolescents
    Model ethnicity and product class involvement: white Americans' attitude toward advertisements featuring Asian-Indian models
    Model Evaluation and Variable Selection for Interval-Censored Data
    A model for assessing the risk of human trafficking on a local level
    Model minority
    A model of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)-induces insomnia in C57BL/6J mice
    A Model of Regulatory Burden in Technology Diffusion: The Case of Plant-Derived Vaccines
    Model of the US Ethanol Market
    Model of Two-Picometer Deuteron Clusters for LENR Supported by Laser Emission of Nuclear Reactions Products
    A model of volunteer intention at a mega-event: the London 2012 Olympics
    Model-based simulations of the piercing process in piezo-ICSI