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    Expertise development in musicians : the roles of deliberate play and deliberate practice
    Expertise, Trust, and Communication about Food Biotechnology
    Explaining Cold Fusion
    Explaining consumers' channel-switching behavior using the theory of planned behavior
    Explaining Public Attitudes on State Legislative Professionalism
    Explaining the Relations Between Acculturative Stress and Prosocial Behaviors in Latino Youth from the Midwest
    Explanation for the cognitively bounded : psychology and the pragmatics of explanation
    Explanation of the MU Extension District Option
    An explanation of theory and methods of soil testing
    Explicating journalism-as-a-conversation: two experimental tests of online news
    Explicating the incipits: a writer's journey in Italo Calvino's If on a winter's night a traveler
    Explicit Fermi coordinates and tidal dynamics in de Sitter and Gödel spacetimes
    Exploiting the ability of Self Organizing Networks for inter-cell interference coordination for emergency communications in cellular networks
    Explorando los grupos de alimentos : leccion 11
    Explorando los grupos de alimentos : leccion 3
    Explorando los grupos de alimentos : leccion 9
    The exploration and regulation of gender and sexual identities in literacy education
    Exploration of 3D Nanoscale Image Sensor to Enable Logic and Sensing in Single Chip
    An Exploration of a Rural Arkansas K-12 Educational Leader's and Community's Social Media Use
    The exploration of Africa and the construction of imperial masculinity