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    In adults hospitalized with pneumonia, does the use of a β2-agonist alter clinical outcomes?
    In adults with CAD, does supplementation with folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6 reduce the risk of subsequent ischemic events?
    In an asymptomatic child with a sibling who has vesicoureteral reflux, should you do a workup for reflux?
    In boys aged 8–18, are routine inguinal hernia evaluations during sports physicals indicated?
    In breastfeeding mothers, does use of combined oral contraceptives result in lower rates of breastfeeding continuation than progestin-only pills?
    In children diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, does giving systemic steroids improve symptoms?
    In children with acute otitis media (AOM), when are antibiotics warranted and what is the appropriate duration of treatment?
    In children with cryptorchidism, at what age does the risk of malignancy outweigh the benefits of waiting for spontaneous descent?
    In children with strep pharyngitis, does treating with broader spectrum antibiotics instead of penicillin reduce recurrence or complications?
    In depressed patients with alcohol use disorders, should the disorders be treated simultaneously?
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    In diabetic patients intolerant of ACE inhibitors and ARBs, what is the best therapy for reducing the risk of diabetic nephropathy?
    In evaluating hyponatremia in a patient who is taking a diuretic, is there any value to checking uric acid level?
    In Focus 2012;4th Quarter