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    Measuring and modeling stream and air temperature relationships in a multiland use watershed of the central United States
    Measuring and modeling water and nutrient flux between a mid-Missouri stream and forested riparian zone in the central U.S.
    Measuring and Reducing Corn Harvesting Losses
    Measuring and Reducing Soybean Harvesting Losses
    Measuring Community Resilience to Disaster
    Measuring community resilience to disaster
    Measuring Concentration in the Biotechnology R&D Industry: Adjusting for Interfirm Transfer of Genetic Materials
    Measuring entrepreneurial success in emerging wine regions
    Measuring Irrigation Water in a Ditch, Stream or Reservoir
    Measuring Lexical Style and Competence: The Type-Token Vocabulary Curve
    Measuring Manure Spreader Uniformity
    Measuring news media literacy: how knowledge and motivations combine to create news-literate teens
    Measuring Nonprofit Performance and Social Need: The Application of Geographic Information Systems Technology
    Measuring nurses' response to configurations of work system parameters a data mining approach
    Measuring perceived self-efficacy of teachers' comprehensive response to youth suicide
    Measuring pile side-shear using full scale tests [abstract]
    Measuring the magnitude of sums of independent random variables
    Measuring the quality of informal home-based care programs
    Measuring the relationship between individual and cultural traits (ICT) and safety perceptions in manufacturing: development of a conceptual model
    Measuring the variance in digestion rate of forages fed to ruminants [abstract]