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    Experimental and Analytical Evaluation of Disproportionate Collapse Flat-Plate Buildings
    Experimental and analytical study on two-phase impingement cooling with and without electric field
    Experimental and numerical investigation of biomass mechanical pre-processing
    Experimental and numerical investigation of subcritical bifurcations in milling
    Experimental and Simulation Analysis of the Jitter Response of a Single-Shot Oil Switch with a High-K Particle Suspension
    Experimental and simulation analysis of the jitter response of a single-shot oil switch with a high-K particle suspension
    Experimental Behavior of High Strength Concrete Slabs Subjected to Shock Loading
    Experimental design and modeling of a microscale differential thermal calorimeter for the purposes of cryopreservation
    The experimental development of the mammary gland with special reference to the interaction of the pituitary and ovarian hormones
    The experimental development of the mammary gland. I, The male and female albino mouse. II, The male and female guinea pig
    Experimental evaluation and modeling of concrete masonry unit walls
    Experimental evaluation of apparent tissue surface tension based on the exact solution of the Laplace equation
    Experimental evaluation of characteristic temperature with varying duty cycles in 2μm vertical cavity surface emitting lasers due to external optical pumping
    Experimental evaluation of intravascular flow meter and miniature RFID antennas using MEMS pressure sensors and flexible PCD techniques
    Experimental evaluation of laminated glass interlayer under high strain rates
    Experimental evaluation of structural composites for blast resistant design
    The experimental induction of growth of the cow's udder and the initiation of milk secretion
    An experimental investigation of a meter-scale flat-plate oscillating heat pipe
    Experimental investigation of a novel disc oscillating heat pipe and heat conduction effect on the startup of oscillating motion
    An experimental investigation of low temperature plasma sterilization, treatment, and polymerization processes