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    Moderating the green guilt of marketing: A visual analysis and semiotic review of environmental advertising
    Modern Commercial Beef Sire Selection: BIF Fact Sheet
    Modern control design for a variable displacement hydraulic pump
    Modern day Jezebels: Racialized sexuality and the images of black women in contemporary hip-hop videos
    Modern money theory and ecological tax reform: a functional finance approach to energy conservation
    Modern Music a Quarterly Review Index Volumes XIII to XXIII November 1935 to Fall 1946
    Modern Tools for Noninvasive Analysis of Brainwaves: Applications in Assistive Technologies and Medical Diagnostics
    Modernizing the public space: gender identities, multiple modernities, and space politics in Tehran
    Modification of a Calcein-based assay for proteolytic activity [abstract]
    Modification of an iodinated peptide with µ-opioid receptor affinity to reduce lipophilicity [abstract]
    Modification of fatty acid composition in soybean seeds to improve soybean oil quality and functionality
    Modification of host and bacterial proteomes during host-pathogen interactions
    Modification of materials for high oxidation resistance
    Modification of nano and micro-phase diamond powder for enhancement of hydrogen storage
    The modification of PVDF hollow fiber membrane via atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP)
    Modification of the Doppler effect due to the helicity-rotation coupling
    Modification of the drawer test
    Modification of Thin Film Composite (TFC) Membrane by Incorporation with Copper Nanoparticles (Cu-NPs) for Antibacterial Properties
    Modification, Degradation, and Stability of Polymeric Surfaces Treated with Reactive Plasmas
    Modifications in Soybean Seed Composition to Enhance Animal Feed Use and Value: Moving From a Dietary Ingredient to a Functional Dietary Component