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    In vitro evaluation of In-111-DOTA-anti-bcl-2-PNA-Tyr-3-octreotate in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia cells
    In vitro evaluation of veterinary and human suture anchors in metaphyseal bone of the canine tibia
    In vitro neural stem cell niche grown in 3D scaffold [abstract]
    In Vitro Regeneration Enhances the Propagation Potential of the Neotropical Giant Bamboo, Guadua Angustifolia, a Possible Perrenial Grass Biofuel Crop [abstract]
    In Vitro study of effect of light dose and photofin concentration on photodynamic therapy of medulloblastoma cells [abstract]
    In vitro synovial fibrochondrogenesis for meniscal tissue engineering
    In vitro three dimensional biomechanical comparison of two internal fixation methods in equine adult radii
    In vitro/in vivo assessment of novel 99mTc-bombesin conjugates in human cancer tissue [abstract]
    In vivo and in vitro analysis of In-111 and Cu-64 labeled PNA-peptides in mice [abstract]
    In Vivo and In Vitro evaluation of 64 CU-labeled bombesin analogs for targeting gastrin-releasing peptide receptors on human prostate cancer [abstract]
    In Vivo and In Vitro evaluation of MRI contrast agent targeting human prostate cancer [abstract]
    In women of childbearing age, is propranolol more effective than amitriptyline in preventing migraine headaches?
    In women who have experienced one or more miscarriages, does the addition of oral progesterone improve pregnancy outcomes?
    In women with SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction, does addition of bupropion to current therapy improve sexual function?
    The (in)visibility of race, class, and gender: workers' standpoints on the transformation of Missouri's child welfare policy
    (In)Visible: performances of gay and lesbian dramatic literature on the American stage from 1910 to 1969
    In-game promotions and their effects on sporting event attendees a look at brand awareness and purchase behavior
    In-service and Pre-Service Teacher Training: A Study of Online Dialogue
    In-service elementary ESOL teachers' perspectives, usage, and difficulties of teaching English through music
    In-situ radio frequency identification (RFID) moisture meter