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    Experimental evaluation of intravascular flow meter and miniature RFID antennas using MEMS pressure sensors and flexible PCD techniques
    Experimental evaluation of laminated glass interlayer under high strain rates
    Experimental evaluation of structural composites for blast resistant design
    The experimental induction of growth of the cow's udder and the initiation of milk secretion
    Experimental investigation of a novel disc oscillating heat pipe and heat conduction effect on the startup of oscillating motion
    An experimental investigation of low temperature plasma sterilization, treatment, and polymerization processes
    Experimental investigation of nanofluid oscillating heat pipes
    Experimental investigation of oscillating heat pipes
    Experimental mechanics study of a dam Tainter gate
    Experimental oak wilt control in Missouri
    Experimental studies on lubrication effects : project completion report
    Experimental Studies on the Development of Heavy Claypans in Soils
    An experimental study of consumer's attitudes toward the Web: cross-cultural analysis of cultural values and online consumer behavior
    Experimental study of localization in sensor networks and design of adaptive localization algorithms
    An experimental study of methods of teaching high school German
    Experimental Study of Random Projections Below the JL Limit
    An Experimental Study of the Effects of Inequality and Relative Deprivation on Trusting Behavior
    An experimental study of the game of Nim
    An Experimental Study of the Rest Period in Plants : The winter rest (first report)
    An Experimental Study of the Rest Period in Plants : Physiological Changes Accompanying Breaking of the Rest Period (fifth report)