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    Including nonlocality in the exchange-correlation kernel from time-dependent current density functional theory: Application to the stopping power of electron liquids
    Income and Substitution Effects of Increases in Risk when Payoffs are Linear in the Random Variable
    Income inequality within and between villages in a rural region of China
    Incomplete exponential sums and Diffie-Hellman triples
    Incompleteness of the Landauer formula for electronic transport
    Inconsiderate consideration: claims making and the high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada
    Incorporating spectroscopy and measurement technology into the high school chemistry laboratory
    Incorporation of directionally dependent diffusion with polymer composite flow theory
    Increase Production of Plant Oils [abstract]
    Increase Your Calf Crop by Good Management, Pregnancy Testing and Breeding Soundness Examination of Bulls
    Increased Corn Rotation Frequency Cropping System Impacts on Soil Functional Properties
    Increased duration of labor with epidurals
    Increased Mortality among Survivors of Myocardial Infarction with Kidney Dysfunction: the Contribution of Gaps in the use of Guideline-Based Therapies
    Increased risk for pyloric stenosis with macrolides in newborns and with peripartum use
    Increasing accessibility : how news websites can better serve people with visual disabilities
    Increasing beneficial insects in row crops and gardens
    Increasing Central's Energy Efficiency: an ESCO Partnership with Trane [abstract]
    Increasing Chinese chestnut primary nut weight and bur production by hand removal of secondary burs
    Increasing land and forage utilization by Missouri cow/calf operations using silvopasture practices
    Increasing Outer Risk