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    Mathematical problem-solving styles in the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals
    Mathematical problems from cryobiology
    A mathematical simulation of Asian options on the Tokyo Grain Exchange
    Mathematics instruction for middle school students with and at-risk for behavioral disorders: a survey study
    Mathematics reform in a midwestern district: a case study of mathematics curriculum change
    Mathematics teacher instruction, classroom goal structures, and student motivation: a test of achievement goal theory
    Mathematics textbooks and state curriculum standards: an analysis of the alignment between the written and intended curricula
    Mating systems in Nicotiana longiflora and N. plumbaginifolia: the effect of interspecific interactions
    Mating Type Specific Roles During The Sexual Cycle Of Phycomyces Blakesleeanus
    Matrix inequalities with applications to the theory of iterated kernels
    Matrix metalloproteinase proteolysis after stroke: a surrogate indicator for early diagnosis and validation of treatment
    Matters of highest public interest and concern: New York Times Co. v. Sullivan and the continuing evolution of the commercial speech doctrine
    Mature forest-breeding bird use of early-successional habitat
    Maximal Efficiency of Coupling between ATP Hydrolysis and Translocation of Polypeptides Mediated by SecB Requires Two Protomers of SecA.
    Maximizers versus satisfiers: Can more choice lead to less consumer satisfaction?
    Maximizers vs. satisfiers: Can more choice lead to less consumer satisfaction? [abstract]
    Maximizing information for evaluation of incident management systems with an emphasis on secondary accidents
    Maximizing terahertz pulse amplitude from low temperature gallium arsenide photo conductive semiconductor switch
    Maximizing throughput while maintaining fairness and priority in wireless ad-hoc networks