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    Motor neuron output in the crustacean cardiac ganglion is organized and maintained by homeostatic conductance relationships
    Motor unit characterization in canine degenerative myelopathy :
    A mouse model of embolic focal ischemic stroke for investigation of anti-thrombotic therapies
    Movement and learning in lecture classroooms
    Movement ecology of juvenile pond-breeding salamanders: implications for the management and conservation of amphibian populations
    Movement, habitat use, and spawning characteristics of flathead and blue catfish on the lower Missouri River and tributaries
    Moving beyond color: addressing four barriers and implementing strategies to achieve equitable learning opportunities for all students in urban public school systems
    Moving Toward Implementation Through Interagency Education: Concurrent Planning in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases
    Moving up or moving out: new job demands, ability to cope and burnout among television news producers and executive producers
    Ms. Linto
    MSDIS (No Graphics)
    MSM photodiode as the switching element in a photoswitch-based class E microwave power amplifier
    MSSN Survey on At-Risk Services and Collaboration
    MTR and the EU Commission Proposal for the WTO: - An analysis of their effect on the EU and Irish agricultural sector
    MU Biodesign and Innovation Program
    MU CI Day 2013 – Attendance and Evaluation
    MU CI Plan -- Geospatial Sciences
    MU Extension - Developing Rural Missouri's Energy Independence & Economic Viability [abstract]
    MU Interdisciplinary Innovation Fund Grant Final Report: Sharing our World