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    Modification of a Calcein-based assay for proteolytic activity [abstract]
    Modification of an iodinated peptide with µ-opioid receptor affinity to reduce lipophilicity [abstract]
    Modification of fatty acid composition in soybean seeds to improve soybean oil quality and functionality
    Modification of host and bacterial proteomes during host-pathogen interactions
    Modification of materials for high oxidation resistance
    Modification of nano and micro-phase diamond powder for enhancement of hydrogen storage
    The modification of PVDF hollow fiber membrane via atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP)
    Modification of the Doppler effect due to the helicity-rotation coupling
    Modification of the drawer test
    Modification of thin film composite (TFC) membrane by incorporation with copper nanoparticles (Cu-NPs) for antibacterial properties
    Modification, Degradation, and Stability of Polymeric Surfaces Treated with Reactive Plasmas
    Modifications in Soybean Seed Composition to Enhance Animal Feed Use and Value: Moving From a Dietary Ingredient to a Functional Dietary Component
    Modified polyamide fiber for arsenic adsorption
    Modified Tabu Search to Solve Complex, Continuous-Variable Problems through Gradient Analysis and Contour Jumps
    Modified Tabu search to solve complex, continuous-variable problems through gradient analysis and contour jumps
    Modified Virtual Internal Bond Model for Concrete Subjected To Dynamic Loading
    MoDOT Senior Management Team Presentation
    Modulation domain processing and speech phase spectrum in speech enhancement
    Modulation of neuronal ryanodine receptor-mediated calcium signaling by calsenilin
    Modulation of the ACTH response to stress by IL-6, nitric oxide, diet and exercise