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    Introduction: essays in honor of Wallace Huffman
    Introductory Physics: Writing scheme teaches science to non-scientists
    Intuition and facial feedback
    Intuitions and adequate philosophical solutions
    The Invention of the Piano and Its Development in Germany Through the Eighteenth Century
    Investigating a countercyclical price level with procyclical inflation
    Investigating a Possible Treatment of Duchene Muscular Dystrophy with a Novel Calpain Inhibitor [abstract]
    Investigating an adaptive radiation in temperate Neoconocephalus
    Investigating at the Washington Post
    Investigating canine degenerative myelopathy as a disease model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis for histopathological evidence of dysphagia
    Investigating experiences that inform university instructors' specialized knowledge for teaching protein synthesis
    Investigating high school chemistry teachers' perceptions, knowledge and practices of classroom assessment
    Investigating how participatory action research and the use of assessment instruments can support college science instructors science assessment literacy.
    Investigating inequality using computer-assisted reporting
    Investigating near-surface wind fields as influenced by low-level jet occurrences in Missouri
    Investigating science teacher knowledge of learners and learning and sequence of instruction in an alternative certification program
    Investigating soil carbon, nitrogen and respiration across an intra-urban gradient in mid-Missouri
    Investigating Technetium-99m/Rhenium(V)-Cyclized Octreotide Analogues Using Experimental And Computational Methods
    Investigating the bifunctional chelate approach for radiopharmaceutical development
    Investigating the development and use of phylogenetic representations by college undergraduates in a plant systematics course