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    MTR and the EU Commission Proposal for the WTO: - An analysis of their effect on the EU and Irish agricultural sector
    MU Biodesign and Innovation Program
    MU CI Day 2013 – Attendance and Evaluation
    MU CI Plan -- Geospatial Sciences
    MU Extension - Developing Rural Missouri's Energy Independence & Economic Viability [abstract]
    MU Interdisciplinary Innovation Fund Grant Final Report: Sharing our World
    MU Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund Grant Final Report: Mental Health Cross-Training Project ($24,240)
    MU Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund Grant Status Report
    MU ITC Grant Status Report: KCOU
    MU Libraries' 150th Anniversary Federal Depository Library Program 1862-2012
    MU Neurobehavioral Core Facility: Progressing from Molecules to Behavior
    MU Translational Neuroscience Center: Progressing from Molecules to Behavior
    MU's Energy Conservation Success [abstract]
    Mueller Matrix Decomposition of Diffuse Reflectance Imaging in Skeletal Muscle
    MUITC - IIF 2013-2014
    Multi-attribute decision making: a test on the impact of data attributes dependency
    A multi-case examination of the impact of national board certification on the teaching profession
    A multi-configuration evaluation of the soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) in a mixed land use watershed in the central U.S.A.
    Multi-Dimensional Ideology in the Multi-Member District: An Analysis of the Arizona Legislature
    A multi-dimensional investigation into the effects of flooding on the physical, chemical and biotic properties of riparian soils