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    Are fish oil supplements as effective as gemfibrozil for decreasing elevated triglyceride levels?
    Are fish oil supplements as effective as gemfibrozil for decreasing elevated triglycerides?
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    Are Hedonic Second-Stage Characteristic Demand Reflective of Actual Characteristic Demands?
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    Are inhaled steroids effective in treating a postviral cough?
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    Are Internal Capital Markets Good for Innovation?
    Are intranasal corticosteroids beneficial for the treatment of acute sinusitis?
    Are IUDs an effective and safe form of birth control for teen patients?
    Are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients at higher risk for mental health disorders?
    Are leukotriene receptor antagonists beneficial for the management of adults with asthma exacerbations?
    Are liver function tests required for patients taking isoniazid for latent TB?
    Are local corticosteroid injections an effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome?
    Are lorcaserin and phentermine plus extended-release topiramate safe and effective for weight loss?