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    Nanopore-facilitated single molecule detection of circulating microRNAs in cancer patients
    Nanoporous biocarbon as a storage system for methane
    Nanoporous biocarbons as a storage system for natural gas as fuel for vehicles
    Nanoporous carbon from corn cobs and its application
    Nanoscale Observation of Alkane Delayering
    Nanoscale observation of delayering in alkane films
    Nanoscale sensor design via in situ labeling of gold nanoparticles onto protein scaffolds [abstract]
    Nanospace engineering of porous carbon for gas storage
    Nanostructures for Diagnostics and Delivery [abstract]
    A nanotechnology-based electrochemical DNA sensing apparatus and method [abstract]
    Nanothermite Micro-Thrusters
    Narative sweat and flow: the challenge and fulfillment of covering sensative social issues
    Narong Prangcharoen and Thai cross-cultural fusion in contemporary composition
    A narrative inquiry about teacher identity construction: preservice teachers share their stories
    The Narrative Structure of Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur
    Narrative, Online Community, and Health Belief Systems: The Forms and Functions of YouTube Vlogs on Bipolar Disorder
    Nashville Community Theatre: from the Little Theatre Guild to the Nashville Community Playhouse
    NASSP's National Study of Leadership in Middle Level Schools: Understanding Leaders and Programs in Highly Successful Middle Level Schools
    NASSP's National Study of Middle Level Schools: Leadership for Highly Successful Middle Level Schools