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    A multicopy suppressor screen in yeast to look for negative regulators of Ser13 phosphorylation-based trafficking to the pre-vacuolar compartment
    The multicultural awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes of prospective teachers: a quantitative and heuristic phenomenological study
    A multidisciplinary study on juvenile recidivism and multilevel impacts: risk factors, neighborhood features, and juvenile justice intervention
    Multifunctional Banking and Financial Fragility: What Should Banks Do?
    Multifunctional contrast agenst for molecular imaging of prostate cancer [abstract]
    Multifunctional nanodiamond surfaces functionalization for developing [abstract]
    Multifunctional phosphinimine ligand for 99m-Tc(VII) stabilization [abstract]
    Multifunctional polyampholyte hydrogels with a 3-D channel as tissue regeneration scaffold
    Multilayer structure of nitrogen adsorbed on graphite
    Multilevel models for intensive longitudinal data with heterogeneous error structure: covariance transformation and variance function models
    Multimedia data transmission for mobile wireless applications
    Multimedia Effect and Its Impact on Consumer Responses Toward Online Promotion: An Empirical Study of Medical Tourism Promotion
    Multimedia metaphors: The film and literature hybrid of videopoetry [abstract]
    Multimedia narratives, data visualization, collaborative news engagement and new media business models: how the world's first academic journalism library enables digital creativity and struggles to preserve the resulting products
    A multimedia project on aging in Mid Missouri
    Multiple imputation approaches to regression analysis of interval-censored failure time data
    Multiple potential well structure in inertial electrostatic confinement devices
    Multiple Targets Geolocation Using SIFT and Stereo Vision on Airborne Video Sequences
    Multiplicative Structure of Values of the Euler Function
    Multiresolution Models for Nonstationary Spatial Covariance Functions