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    List of projects and scholars who have been Helped by MU's Digital Humanities Commons (DHC)
    A List of Works for Guitar and Violincello
    Listening to Hear
    Listening to Latino Business Owners
    Listening: Our Most Used Communication Skill
    A listing of present and former faculty members [of the University of Missouri School of Medicine, 1841-1997]
    Literacy in the 21st Century: supporting struggling adolescent readers
    Literacy matters in mental health : mapping the ruling relations that influence the work of mental health recovery through a lens of literacy
    The Literary Achievements of Alice Lloyd Pitts : Assumptions of Power through Rhetorical Identity Constructions
    The Literary and Personal Allusions in Robert Schumann's Carnaval
    Literary art of Schiller : with especial reference to the use of "effects" or emotional inference in his dramas
    Literary frontiers edition
    Literary journalism on digital platforms: framing and the creation of meaning
    Literature and technology skills for entry-level children’s librarians: What employers want.
    Literature for the Tuba Ensemble: an Analysis of Twenty-Seven Compositions
    Lithium and lithium isotopes in tourmaline as indicators of crystallization processes: a study of San Diego County pegmatites, California
    A little birdie told me: Diffusion and implementation of the innovation of Twitter in American metropolitan newsrooms
    Little bits and pieces: the process of revealing sexual information in close mother-daughter relationships
    The little match girl
    A little off the top