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    An analysis of production costs and applications high cost of living and panics and depressions
    Analysis of pupil dilation using fractal dimension and eye-head integrated tracking system in a multitasking environment
    Analysis of quaternary faults and associated deformation of sedimentary basin fill: inner continental borderland of southern California
    Analysis of radio communication towers subjected to wind, ice and seismic loadings
    Analysis of residential housing markets in large U.S. metropolitan areas
    Analysis of Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy as a technique to evaluate material property changes
    Analysis of Response to the "Death Panels? Claim in the Debate on Health Care Reform That Led to the Passage of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
    An Analysis of retail yield of beef carcasses
    Analysis of Risk Management Proposals
    An Analysis of Selected Works from "Ludus Tonalis" and "Concerto for Hornand Orchestra," First Movement, by Paul Hindemith Using Ideas of Analysis Found in "A Composer's World" and "Craft of Musical Composition" by Paul Hindemith
    An analysis of sensitive material (silicon-germanium-oxide) using in uncooled microbolometer
    The analysis of social data
    Analysis of strain IRB-1 as a potential candidate for uranium bioremediation in an extreme environment [abstract]
    An analysis of the 1875-1877 scarlet fever epidemic of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
    Analysis of the 2003 CAP Reform Agreement
    Analysis of the average crop revenue election program, a representative farm approach
    Analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans rpc-1 gene
    Analysis of the center of mass-, rotational- and intramolecular diffusive motions in a monolayer film of intermediate-length alkane molecules adsorbed on a solid surface
    Analysis of the cerebellum in individuals with autism spectrum disorder using magnetic resonance imaging [abstract]
    Analysis of the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program in the Long Branch Lake Watershed