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    MEMS energy harvesters with a wide bandwidth for low frequency vibrations
    The men I have chosen for fathers : literary and philosophical passages
    Menstrual disturbances in perimenopausal women: What's best?
    The mental and physical development of rural children
    Mental health parity: Achieving parity in insurance benefits [abstract]
    Mental health response to Spanish-speaking telephone callers: Secret shopper study
    Mental stress acutely affects blood flow mechanics in the abdominal aorta [abstract]
    Mental tests of school children
    Mentoring as a psychological contract: implications for relationship development and evaluation
    Mentoring expectation congruency, interaction, and psychosocial support in Missouri's agriculture teacher mentor program
    Mercer County Census Tract & Voting District Maps
    Merchants and the medieval mirror
    Mercy flights
    Mere shadows of human forms: intersections of body and adaptation theories in six screen versions of Jane Eyre
    Mere Shadows of Human Forms: Intersections of Body Theory and Literary Adaptation in Jane Eyre [abstract]
    Meretites' Faience Ushebtis: An Analysis and Determination of their Production in a Late Period or Ptolemaic Workshop
    Mergers, Acquisitions, and Stocks of Agricultural Biotechnology Intellectual Property
    Mesoporous iron oxide energetic composites with slow burn rate, sustained pressure and reduced ESD sensitivity for propellant applications
    Messages of frugality and consumption in the Ladies' Home Journal: 1920s-1940s
    Messaging in the target/feed campaign : the intersection of cause-related marketing and organizational rhetoric