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    Parents as Teachers (PAT) for Families with Low Incomes: A Collaborative Approach for Children Birth to Three [1]
    Parents' and parent educators' understandings of the parents as teachers home visiting program in a small rural, mid-west community [1]
    Parotid Gland [1]
    Part I: Effect of Nanomicelle Size on Trans-scleral Permeability of Dexamethasone and Part II: Strategies to Minimize Octreotide Acylation during Sustained Release from Biodegradable Polymers [1]
    Part I: The synthesis of chenodeoxycholic acid derived macrocyles and cage compounds. Part II. Sonogashira coupling for the synthesis of well-defined π-conjugated arylene ethynylene oligomers as blue-light-emitting materials [1]
    Part-time schedules for children in campus child care centers: a MAUT analysis of challenges faced by administrators [1]
    Partial DNR Orders [1]
    A partial equilibrium analysis of global fertilizer supply and demand [1]
    Partible paternity and human reproductive behavior [1]
    Partical retention of benzo(a)pyrene [abstract] [1]
    Participant biographies [1]
    Participation in tax deferred retirement programs in a defined benefit environment [1]
    Participation in the Light Goose Conservation Order and effects on behavior and distribution of waterfowl in the Rainwater Basin of Nebraska [1]
    Participatory reporting as method acting: the journalism-theatre connection [1]
    A Particle-Based Multi-Scale Simulation Procedure within the Material Point Method Framework [1]
    The particle-hole map: a visualization tool for electronic excitations [1]
    Parting, Without a Sequel [1]
    Parting, without a sequel [1]
    Partisan use of house special rules in foreign and defense legislation [1]
    Partitioning detectability components in populations subject to within-season temporary emigration using binomial mixture models [1]