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    A National Putative Father Registry
    National Security Entrepreneurship: Partnerships with the Private Sector panel
    National Study of Highly Successful Middle Level Schools and their Principals: A Preliminary Report
    National trends in hospital length of stay for acute myocardial infarction in China
    Nationalism and Materialism: Implied Values behind American Hip Hop Culture
    Nationalization and party system dynamics: how the nationalization of party support and party systems determines the number of parties
    Natural & artificial digestion of crude fiber compared with chemical methods of estimation
    Natural building in an environmentally-focused intentional community
    A natural classification of stream morphology and detection of channel unit periodicities in three Missouri streams
    Natural genetic variation in Arabidopsis thaliana: A functional genomics approach to drought and heat stress tolerance [abstract]
    Natural interests of adolescents
    Natural law and the challenge of legal positivism
    Natural Lawn Care
    Natural rights and two conceptions of promising
    Natural variation in Arabidopsis thaliana: Molecular genetic architecture of stress tolerance under water deficit
    Natural variation in phenotypes associated with phototropins among geographically isolated populations of Arabidopsis thaliana [abstract]
    A Naturalistic Inquiry into Community College Transfer Students' Perception of Adjustment whe Transferring to a Large Research University
    A naturalistic inquiry into community college transfer students' perception of adjustment when transferring to a larger research university
    Naturalization: The official integration
    The Nature and Effects of Political Party Culture on Political Careers