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    From service design to delivery: integrating marketing and operations in the service unit
    From Service-Learning to Post Graduation Service: Insights from University Graduates
    From Stonewall to Millennium: Lesbian Representation in Three Representative Late 20th-Century Plays by American Women.
    From the Bible to Harry Potter : Updating an ancient myth into modern fantasy
    From the boulevard to the boudoir: the prose poem's evolution from Baudelaire's scenes of French daily life to Nin Andrew's contemporary portrayal of the individual
    From the Editor
    From the Editor (Evidence Based Practice, 2008)
    From the Editor (Evidence Based Practice, 2009)
    From the Editor (Evidence Based Practice, 2011)
    From the Editor (Evidence Based Practice, 2012)
    From the Editor (Evidence Based Practice, 2013)
    From the margins to the majority: portrayal of hispanic immigrants in the Garden Ciy (Kan.) Telegram, 1980-2000
    From the textbook to the enacted curriculum: Textbook use in the middle school mathematics classroom
    From tissue liquidity to vascular printing [abstract]
    From top to bottom: rhetoric in the hierarchy of focused deterrence stakeholders
    From trade to international conflict: seeking empirical and theoretical convergence
    From Violence to Peace: The Daily Nation and the change in how ethnicity is reported from the 2007 to the 2013 presidential elections
    From ‘Remedy Highly Esteemed’ to ‘Barbarous Practice’: The Rise and Fall of Acupuncture in Nineteenth-Century America
    The front in flux : examining the relationship between African American population and front-page news depictions
    The frontier myth and the frontier thesis in contemporary genre fiction