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    A Deeper Sense of Truth: William T. Vollmann's Seven Dreams Series and Experiencing History [1]
    "Defective childhoods": television news and the social construction of the 'child in need' [1]
    Definición de la Astrononomica Temprana del Sitio de Buena Vista [1]
    Defining and Testing EMR Usability: Principles and Proposed Methods of EMR Usability Evaluation and Rating [1]
    Defining professionalism in the health sciences [1]
    Defining the SMART Grid for Electric Utilities [abstract] [1]
    Defining the therapeutic window in spinal muscular atrophy : [1]
    Definition of VPU sensitivity using a model VPU target and role of hydrophobicity of the membrane spanning domain in the viral envelope glycoprotein fusogenicity [1]
    Deflationism and the Normativity of Truth [1]
    Defrocking the National Board [1]
    Dein blaues Auge [1]
    Dekalb County Census Tract & Voting District Maps [1]
    Deletion of IP3 receptor2 in astrocytes enhances the hippocampal neurogenesis in adult mice [1]
    delta-Tocotrienol and quercetin reduce serum levels of nitric oxide and lipid parameters in female chickens [1]
    "The demise of in loco parentis in American higher education" : campus rules and student behavior at the University of Missouri, 1866 to 1975 [1]
    Democratization and exchange rates [1]
    Demystifying IUG enhancements [1]
    Dendroecology of forests in Missouri : disturbance and integration over multiple centuries [1]
    Dent County Census Tract & Voting District Maps [1]
    Dental composites reinforced with zinc oxide nanofillers [1]