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    A formal evaluation of storm type versus storm motion
    Formal framework for a nonlocal generalization of Einstein's theory of gravitation
    Formal total synthesis of pseudopteroxale. Progress toward total synthesis of hamigeran B
    Formation in vitro of highly active thyroproteins, their biologic assay, and practical use
    The formation of a community of practice in preservice teacher education : the interaction of the classroom environment and new communication technologies
    The formation of cysteine-tyrosine crosslinks via a sulfenic acid intermediate [abstract]
    Formation of water channels in the crystalline hydrates of macrocyclic compounds [dataset]
    Formation studies on N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in natural waters
    Formative program evaluation: a system of student-centered learning
    Forming an MU Extension District
    The forms and extent of Milton's influence upon Thomson, Gray and Collins
    Forms of repose
    Forms of the novel in the work of Camilo Jose Cela
    Formulating rations for swine
    Formulation of Hyaluronidase Enzyme Sensitive Topical Nanomicrobicides for HIV Virus Transmission Prevention
    Formulation of nanoparticles encapsulating hydrophilic molecules following their ionic complexation
    Fortification of a transportation network against disruptions through maintenance
    Fortification of pasta with chickpea and quinoa flours
    A fortune to share in research : a report to you of your own Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station for 1954-55
    Forty-eighth report of the Curators to the Governor of the State