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    Polyurethane foams containing renewable castor oil replacement [1]
    Polyurethane foams from novel soy-based polyols [1]
    Polyurethane foams made from bio-based polyols [1]
    Polyurethane rigid foams modeling project [2]
    Pond-Breeding Amphibian Community Composition in Missouri [1]
    Poor media, rich democracy : how economics and technology affect construction of news processes [1]
    Popliteal artery entrapment syndrome [1]
    The Popularization of St. Thomas Aquinas through the Legenda Aurea [1]
    Population dynamics of a migrant songbird: do we need to monitor the entire breeding season? [1]
    Population history at the microscale: craniometrics of Cayo Santiago macaques [1]
    Population history at the microscale: craniometrics of the Cayo Santiago macaques [1]
    Population Influences on Tornado Reports in the United States [1]
    Population Movements in the Presence of Agglomeration and Congestion Effects: Local Policy and the Social Optimum [1]
    Population trends of forest birds in Missouri, USA: Comparison of point count data with predictions from the BBS [abstract] [1]
    Porcine induced pluripotent stem cells (piPSC) for expanding the use of swine in biomedical research [1]
    Porous Spheres: Direct Observation of Public Social Encounters in a Small Midwestern Town [1]
    Porphyria cutanea tarda [1]
    The portfolio problem in agricultural cooperatives: an integrated framework [1]
    The portrayal and frequency of religion in secular rap music [1]
    Portrayals of women in violent situations in texts of the High Middle Ages [1]