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    Organizational Structure and the Diversification Discount: Evidence from Commercial Banking
    Organo nickel and platinum chemistry at the edge of corannulene
    Organoisocyanates: the conformational stability determination by infrared, raman and microwave spectroscopy and ab initio calculation
    Organosilicate nanoparticles and its applications in chem-biosensors, electronics, multifunctional coatings and textiles
    Orientation of vortices in a superconducting thin film: Quantitative comparison of spin-polarized neutron reflectivity and magnetization
    Orientation to KidSkills: Teaching the Strategies and Software to Students
    Orientational order in nitrogen monolayers adsorbed on graphite at low temperature
    Orientational ordering of commensurate Fe(CO)5 monolayers on graphite
    The Origin and Evolution of the Trumpet and Cornet
    The origin and history of the doctrine of popular sovereignty
    Origin of Charge-Orbital Order in the Half-Doped Manganites
    The Origin of Presolar Silica Grains in AGB Stars
    The origin of the new monarchy : a study of Edward IV's reign
    The origin of working memory deficits in Parkinson's disease
    The origin, development, and present status of the Open Door Policy
    The origin, growth, and characteristics of English medieval libraries
    An Original Institutionalist Approach to the Structure, Conduct, and Performance of the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Importance of Intangible Assets
    Origins and Changes of East Asian Party Systems and Voter Alignments : Social Conditions, Issue Effects, and Party Coalitions
    The origins and implementation of the national health insurance programs in Korea, 1961-1979
    The Origins Billions Star Survey: Galactic Explorer