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    Framing journalists' kidnappings: a textual analysis of news frames from U.S. and U.K. newspapers covering journalists' kidnappings in the Middle East
    Framing of African-American Women In Mainstream And Black Women's Magazines
    Framing of fisheries in collapse : a content analysis of two newspapers
    Framing of immigrants and refugees: A content analysis of mainstream and partisan news coverage of immigration
    The framing of the Egyptian revolution portrayed through the Aljazeera and CNN media outlets and how they compare and contrast
    Framing protest in Missouri: framing protest on Missouri newspaper coverage of Concerned Student 1950 protest
    Framing public health disaster: Chinese newspaper coverage of the contaminated milk powder affair
    Framing same-sex marriage : a comparative textual analysis of Maryland newspapers
    Framing the Catholic Church: the New York Times coverage of the Catholic Church 2006-2011
    Framing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: a study of frames used by three American newspapers
    Framing the world: transformative learning experiences of women offenders in the 4-H LIFE program
    Framing the writers strike: a comparison of newspaper coverage of the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike
    Framing theory and operation Iraqi freedom: an analysis of news frames and the 2003 conflict in Iraq
    Framing within a framework : how producers of televised presidential debates understand the role they play in the democratic process
    Francis A. Schaeffer : the force behind the evangelical takeover of the Republican Party in America
    Francis Wayland: Christian America-liberal America
    François Boucher and His Chinoiserie
    Franklin County
    Franklin County Census Tract & Voting District Maps
    Franz Schubert : Influences on His Musical Style and His Piano Style as Seen in Piano Sonata in A Minor, op. 143