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    The origin of working memory deficits in Parkinson's disease
    The origin, development, and present status of the Open Door Policy
    The origin, growth, and characteristics of English medieval libraries
    An Original Institutionalist Approach to the Structure, Conduct, and Performance of the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Importance of Intangible Assets
    Origins and Changes of East Asian Party Systems and Voter Alignments : Social Conditions, Issue Effects, and Party Coalitions
    The origins and implementation of the national health insurance programs in Korea, 1961-1979
    The Origins Billions Star Survey: Galactic Explorer
    Origins of a Current Conflict? An Examination of Stock-Nonstock Cooperative Law
    The origins of money: evaluating chartalist and metallist theories in the context of ancient Greece and Mesopotamia
    The origins of muslim prayer: sixth and seventh century religious influences on the salat ritual
    Orlicz-Lorentz Spaces
    Ornamenting Mozart's Operas
    Orthodontic bracket bond strength and resin composite adhesive degree of conversion associated with type of curing unit and total energy
    Orthopaedic trauma and an aging population: a retrospective review of factors influencing outcomes [abstract]
    Orthopedic Tissue Engineering
    Orthorexia nervosa: real construct or newest social trend?
    Osage County Census Tract & Voting District Maps
    Oscillating heat pipes : study of their oscillating motion using neutron imaging and application
    Oscillation of certain sets of orthogonal functions
    Oscillators: resonances and excitations