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    Postmodern values in the U.S. Navy: implications for morale, welfare and recreation programming
    Postpartum contraception
    Postpartum depression
    Postprostatectomy incontinence? Here's help
    Posttranscriptional gene regulation by the RNA binding protein HuR in two disease models: allergic asthma and breast cancer
    Posttranscriptional gene regulation of IL-17 by the RNA-binding protein HuR required for initiation of autoimmune neuroinflammation
    Postwar masculine identity in Ann Bannon's I am a woman
    The Potato Story
    Potawatomi Indian Music: A Study of the Current Trend of Transmitting American Indian Music Among the Indian People in a Local Urban Organization
    Potential benefits of social media in a weapons of mass destruction (WMD) event
    Potential consequences of exposure of macrophage-like cells to divergent bacteria
    potential consequences of exposure of macrophage-like cells to divergent bacteria
    Potential Factors Affecting Medal Winners in Olympics [poster]
    Potential Impacts on U.S. Agriculture of the U.S. October 2005 WTO Proposal
    The Potential Increase in the Amber Box Calculation Under S. 1157
    Potential links between arterial and venous clotting disorders
    Potential Mechanisms for Inhibition of Breast Cancer by Novel Azaresveratrol Analogs: Implications of Estrogen Receptor, Estrogen Metabolism and Cell Death Pathways
    Potential of Herbicide-Resistant Rice Technologies for Sub-Saharan Africa
    The potential of producing bioenergy crops on conservation reserve program land in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas (MINK Region) to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions: an integrated economics and biological modeling approach
    Potential Regional Trade Implications of Adopting Bt Cowpea in West and Central Africa