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    Modeling of delayed fluorescence from photosystem II and applications in assessment of drought and chemical stresses
    Modeling of environmental effects on thermal detection of subsurface damage for concrete bridges
    Modeling of Gene Flow by a Bayesian Approach: A New Perspective for Decision Support
    Modeling of hierarchical cathode for lithium air batteries with aqueous electrolyte
    Modeling of molecular and particulate transport in dry spent nuclear fuel canisters
    Modeling of phototransduction in vision systems
    Modeling of selective laser sintering of single-component metal powders
    Modeling of thin film evaporation heat transfer and experimental investigation of miniature heat pipes
    Modeling peritoneal metastases of ovarian cancer [abstract]
    Modeling Protein-Ligand Interactions with Applications to Drug Design
    Modeling regeneration and early stand dynamics of Missouri Ozark forests
    Modeling sodium pump degradation and removal: Sorting out your dirty laundry [abstract]
    Modeling the amino acid requirements of male turkeys from 0 to 21 weeks of age
    Modeling the behavior of a homopolar motor
    Modeling the financial impact of management decisions on loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) production
    Modeling the flow of digesta through the ruminant reticulorumen
    Modeling the impact of polystyrene microparticles on toxicity of phenol to Artemia
    Modeling the influence of climate and management practices on water quality in Goodwater Creek experimental watershed
    Modeling the lateral amygdala during fear acquisition [abstract]
    Modeling the R2* relaxivity of blood at 1.5 Tesla