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    Principal's Impact on a Middle School Success [1]
    A Principal's Influence on Teacher Attrition: A Case Study Analyzing the Perspectives of Middle School Teachers and Their Leadership within a Southwest Missouri School District [1]
    The principal's role in the implementation of professional learning community components in selected Missouri exemplary PLC schools [1]
    Principal, board member, and staff perceptions of female public school superintendents instructional leadership [1]
    Principals Make a Difference: An Analysis of Principal Leadership in High and Low Achieving Middle Level Schools [1]
    Principles and Methods of Teaching Foreign Language Pronunciation for Singers [1]
    Principles of Organ Registration at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century as Illustrated by the Works of César Franck [1]
    The principles underlying the selection of a course of study [1]
    print culture in New York, 1783-1830 [1]
    Print for the people: the future of archives in a digital age [1]
    A priori estimates for solutions of elliptic partial differential equations on surfaces [1]
    Prioritization of hospital orders considering cancellation probabilities [1]
    Prison system of Missouri [1]
    Privacy and senior adoption of assistive technology in residential care [1]
    Private devotion, common prayer, and the British novel, 1700-1815 [1]
    Private Sector Innovation in Biofuels in the United States: Induced by Prices or Policies? [1]
    Privatizing Functions of State Government [1]
    Proactive environmental risk communication: multiple publics' evaluation of for-profit corporations' sustainability communication [1]
    Proactive self-disclosure of threats: the effects of voluntary disclosure of corporate issues on perceived organizational transparency, credibility, and perceived severity of issues [1]
    Probing Cosmic Dust of the Early Universe through High-Redshift Gamma-Ray Bursts [1]