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    Potential Regional Trade Implications of Adopting Bt Cowpea in West and Central Africa
    A potential role for programed cell death in the formation of an in vitro neural stem cell niche [abstract]
    Potential Role for Programmed Cell Death in the Formation of an In Vitro Neural Stem Cell Niche [abstract]
    Potential role of Kallikrein 5 expression in metastatic dissemination of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) [abstract]
    Potential theory and harmonic analysis methods for quasilinear and Hessian equations
    The Potentials and Promises of the Future Way of Computing for Smart Grids [abstract]
    Pottery production at Fort Hill (27CH85) a seventeenth-century refugee community in northern New England
    Pottery: art as relationship
    Poultry Farm and Processing Plant Lighting
    Poverty and affordable housing: comparing the attitudes and beliefs of social work students in the United States to those of social work students in the Netherlands
    Poverty and Developmental Disabilities: Improving the Lives of Families and Individuals
    Poverty impacts of improved agricultural productivity: opportunities for genetically modified crops
    Power and negotiation in safety program development in a research university
    Power and Potential of Perceptual Data to Inform Improvement
    Power and Rhetoric's Role in the Rwandan Genocide
    A Power Figure’s Power over History
    Power in the garden: exploring the lives of Missouri farm women and their vegetable gardens during the Great Depression
    The power of advertising awards: a comparison of effectiveness between award-winning & none-award TV commercials
    Power of Data Analysis to Inform Improvement
    The power of online product reviews: how platform and product involvement effect the credibility of eproduct reviews