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    Optimization of charge collection efficiency in MSM photodetector
    Optimization of chemical dosing in water treatment for enhanced coagulation/softening as it pertains to DBP removal
    Optimization of electromagnetic acoustic transducers for nondestructive evaluation of concrete structures
    Optimization of ligament parameters on a subject-specific computational human knee model in a dynamic knee simulator using design of experiments
    Optimization of metal-cyclization of alpha-MSH peptide analogs used in the treatment and detection of melanoma
    Optimization of oocyte cryoprotectant loading rate [abstract]
    Optimization of protocols to propagate and passage undifferentiated and differentiated mouse embryonic stem cells [abstract]
    Optimization of soil mixtures in bioretention cells to reduce nutrient loading to the environment from storm water
    Optimization of the slag tap for the gasification of sustainable feedstocks
    Optimizing antenna gain with a metamaterial filter
    Optimizing crop N use efficiency using polymer-coated urea and other N fertilizer sources across landscapes with claypan soils
    Optimizing medical performance utilizing electrodermal activity stress levels
    Optimizing vascular and metabolic responses to insulin in type 2 diabetes: exercise as treatment
    Optimum receiver design and performance analysis for wireless communication
    Opto-electronic class AB microwave power amplifier using photoconductive switch technology
    Oracle of Fate
    Oral Cavity
    Oral contraceptives
    Oral Health Poster: Preventing Severity of Oral Mucositis for the Adult Receiving In-patient Chemotherapy
    Oral lysine treatment of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis [abstract]