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    Potential theory and harmonic analysis methods for quasilinear and Hessian equations
    The Potentials and Promises of the Future Way of Computing for Smart Grids [abstract]
    Pottery production at Fort Hill (27CH85) a seventeenth-century refugee community in northern New England
    Pottery: art as relationship
    Poultry Farm and Processing Plant Lighting
    Poverty and affordable housing: comparing the attitudes and beliefs of social work students in the United States to those of social work students in the Netherlands
    Poverty and Developmental Disabilities: Improving the Lives of Families and Individuals
    Poverty impacts of improved agricultural productivity: opportunities for genetically modified crops
    Power and negotiation in safety program development in a research university
    Power and Potential of Perceptual Data to Inform Improvement
    Power and Rhetoric's Role in the Rwandan Genocide
    A Power Figure’s Power over History
    Power in the garden: exploring the lives of Missouri farm women and their vegetable gardens during the Great Depression
    The power of advertising awards: a comparison of effectiveness between award-winning & none-award TV commercials
    Power of Data Analysis to Inform Improvement
    The power of online product reviews: how platform and product involvement effect the credibility of eproduct reviews
    The power of teacher-student relationships in determining student success
    The power of video pitching in heathcare news stories
    Power Output Is Increased After Phosphorylation of Myofibrillar Proteins in Rat Skinned Cardiac Myocytes
    Power Output, Microstructure, and Microchemical Analysis of High Surface Area Pd and Ti Cathodes Obtained by Thermal Treatment