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    Power Output, Microstructure, and Microchemical Analysis of High Surface Area Pd and Ti Cathodes Obtained by Thermal Treatment
    Power-law fluctuations in phase-separated lipid membranes
    Power-Rate-Distortion Analysis for Wireless Video Communication under Energy Constraints
    Power-sharing and democratic development: nested analysis of political institutions in third-wave democracies
    PPFM to the plant: Just say NO! [abstract]
    Practical and ethical dilemmas in presenting investigative reporting through individual anecdotes and investigative reporting fellowship at the Oregonian
    A practical approach to the cyclic multi-bin joint replenishment problem
    Practical experiments and simulations for nuclear safeguards education
    Practical Horse Psychology
    Practical problems depending upon principles of geometry
    Practical solutions: An analysis of challenges and obstacles facing today's offenders [abstract]
    Practical Weed Science for the Field Scout: Corn and Soybean
    A Practical, Multiplatform App for Climate Stress to Aid Animal Producers and Science Education
    Practice and the Vision of Mastery
    The practice of piety and virtual pilgrimage at St. Katherine's Convent in Augsburg
    Practices that constitute successful school superintendent leadership: perceptions from established rural school superintendents
    Practicing the faith: conversion and the construction of a Muslim religious identity
    Praesentia et potentia in the Cubiculum Leonis in the catacomb of Commodilla, Rome: late ancient martyr cult in a late Roman's tomb
    Pragmatic Encroachment
    Pragmatism in John Henry Cardinal Newman