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    Perception of crowding at retail stores : an empirical study examining the effect of design factors on approach responses using virtual reality simulation
    Perception of Romance Readers: An Analysis of Missouri Librarians
    Perception, True Opinion and Knowledge in Plato's Theaetetus
    Perceptions and behaviors that encourage or impede advancement or attainment of leadership positions in higher education by Muslim women wearing hijab
    The perceptions and pressures experienced by male primary elementary teachers and how these affect their behaviors and career choices
    The perceptions held by FFA members of employability skill development associated with agriculture career development events
    Perceptions of agricultural education instructions regarding program criteria of supervised agricultural experience
    The perceptions of at-risk high school students regarding their early childhood educational experiences
    Perceptions of Community Climate Among Latino Immigrants in Three Rural Communities in the Midwest
    Perceptions of effective and ineffective professional development held by teachers and staff developers [abstract]
    Perceptions of employers of graduates of the Agricultural Systems Management Program regarding skills and competencies needed for successful employment
    Perceptions of female faculty members at public, regional institutions in Missouri concerning bias against caregiving
    Perceptions of gender in English news pamphlets 1660-1700
    Perceptions of Genetically Modified and Organic Foods and Processes
    Perceptions of higher education : private good or public good?
    Perceptions of Middle School Music Teachers Regarding Selected Criteria
    Perceptions of neighborhood social environment and drug dependence among incarcerated women and men: a cross-sectional analysis
    The perceptions of novice teachers regarding a PDS program and the importance of collaborative, reflective and communicative skills
    Perceptions of program effectiveness: an evaluation of a domestic violence treatment program
    Perceptions of Romance Readers: An Analysis of Missouri Librarians