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    Experimental investigation of oscillating heat pipes [1]
    Experimental studies on lubrication effects : project completion report [1]
    Experimental study of localization in sensor networks and design of adaptive localization algorithms [1]
    An experimental study of the rest period of plants : the effect of rest period breaking agencies upon hardwood cuttings [1]
    Experimentally exploring how the awareness of existential freedom influences support for autocratic leadership styles among individuals high and low in neuroticism [1]
    Experimenting with new strategies to run a media startup [1]
    Explaining Cold Fusion [1]
    Exploiting the ability of Self Organizing Networks for inter-cell interference coordination for emergency communications in cellular networks [1]
    An exploration of composite language modeling for speech recognition [1]
    An exploration of factors affecting retention and persistence of undergraduate military veteran students at the University of Missouri [1]
    An exploration of middle school teachers' essences of participation in service-learning activities [1]
    The exploration of the "Flutie factor" and philanthropic contributions to NCAA Divsion II football championship institutions from 1997-2010 [1]
    An exploration of the familial risk profiles of kindergarten students and later academic and behavior problems [1]
    An exploration of the knowledge high school guidance counselors in Missouri have as they assist undocumented students trying to gain access to college [1]
    Exploration of the unique firm resources described by Indian apparel export firms for their competitive advantages [1]
    Explorations in Diversity Series;1 [1]
    An exploratory and descriptive inquiry into the relationship between the goals of general education and disciplinary content in acting for non-majors courses in colleges and universities in the United States [1]
    An exploratory qualitative study of the relationship between an educational leader’s emotional intelligence and effective teams [1]
    an exploratory study of performance and design [1]
    An exploratory study of professional development experiences for new middle school science teachers in a suburban school district [1]