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    Behavioral health matters (Evidence-based practice, 2015)
    Behavioral health matters (Evidence-based practice, 2016)
    Behavioral plasticity of an olfactory jump reflex in Drosophila [abstract]
    Behavorial Assessment of Synesthetic Perception: Color Perception and Visual Imagery in Synesthesia
    Behavorial health matters (Evidence-based practice, 2010)
    "Behind closed doors": a feminist analysis of senior citizen sexual communication
    Behind the blue shutters
    Being active = having a healthy body image
    Being an Examination of Several Editions of This Opus and an Evaluaion of Their Pedagogical Usefulness, by Comparing Them one to Another and to Photostat Facsimiles of the Kessler Manuscript as Prepared by the Instytut Fryderyka Chopina, Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzycane, Warsaw -- Cracow
    Being and Humor
    Being social in a 3D collaborative virtual learning environment : a case study of youth with autism spectrum disorder learning social competence in iSocial
    Being there : a study of American foreign correspondents in Brussels and an intership with Thomson Reuters
    Bela Bartok and the Pro-Musica Society: a chronicle of piano recitals in eleven American cities during his 1927-1928 tour
    Beliefs about individuals with disability as related to media portrayal of disability in Glee
    Beliefs about intergenerational assistance following divorce and remarriage: does race and ethnicity matter?
    Believe it or not: youth and young adult female perceptions of the credibility of online multimedia messages
    Ben Jonson's relation to Donne
    Benchmark criticality calculations for one speed neutron transport
    Benchmark experiments with the explicit planetary isentropic coordinate (EPIC) model: Does it snow on Saturn? [abstract]
    Benchmarking in virtual desktops for end-to-end performance traceability