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    Criminal behavior patterns of adolescents and young adults who have histories of sexual offenses [1]
    The criminalization of tattooing in Oklahoma: an application of Clegg's circuits of power [1]
    Crisis and emergency risk communication (CERC) [1]
    The crisis autobiography: Augustine, Rousseau, and Wordsworth [1]
    Crisis, conflict, and consumption: case studies of the politics and culture of neoliberalization in urban responses to global economic transformations [1]
    Crisis, government performance and support for democracy [1]
    Criteria for Choosing Computer Software for Use in a Piano-Teaching Studio [1]
    Criteria identified by selected Missouri high school choral directors for placement of concert repertoire in concert order [1]
    Critical Incidents in the Development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching the Nature of Science: Insights from a Mentor‐Mentee Relationship [1]
    Critical Notice of G.A. Cohen's Self-Ownership, Freedom, and Equality. [1]
    Critical Notice: Child versus Childmaker: Future Persons and Present Duties in Ethics and the Law, Melinda Roberts, 1998, Rowman & Littlefield. [1]
    Critical pluralism: a new approach to religious diversity [1]
    Critical Realism and the Biographical Film Project [1]
    A critical review of the theory of education in Plato's Republic [1]
    Critical Study of John Hawthorne, Knowledge and Lotteries and Jason Stanley, Knowledge and Practical Interests [1]
    A Critical Study of Selected Theory Materials [1]
    A critical study of the chemical and physical factors involved in cake making [1]
    A critical study of the hexameter of Virgil's Ecologues and Aeneid I-VI, and a Comparison with that of the Culex and Ciris [1]
    Critical thinking as a predictor of success in an associate degree nursing program [1]
    A criticism of Keller's Homeric society [1]