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    Creation of a gene selection method using a Ste13-Cps1 construct in S. cerevisiae [abstract]
    Creation of brand equity in the Chinese clothing market
    Creation of mutant corticosteroid binding globulin: One step closer to a diagnostic device
    The creation of The four million: O . Henry's influences and working methods
    Creative and Effective Teaching:Perceptions of CAFNR Faculty
    Creative Opportunities for Missouri's Traditional Artists
    Credibility concerns for online newspapers: do reporter comments influence perceptions of credibility?
    The credible brand model: the effects of ideological congruency and customer-based brand equity on media and message credibility
    The Creed in the Mass and the Liturgy
    Crime against the body: an embodied cognition study of how platform affects responses to crime news
    Criminal behavior patterns of adolescents and young adults who have histories of sexual offenses
    The criminalization of tattooing in Oklahoma: an application of Clegg's circuits of power
    Crisis and emergency risk communication (CERC)
    The crisis autobiography: Augustine, Rousseau, and Wordsworth
    Crisis, conflict, and consumption: case studies of the politics and culture of neoliberalization in urban responses to global economic transformations
    Crisis, government performance and support for democracy
    Criteria for Choosing Computer Software for Use in a Piano-Teaching Studio
    Criteria identified by selected Missouri high school choral directors for placement of concert repertoire in concert order
    Critical Incidents in the Development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching the Nature of Science: Insights from a Mentor‐Mentee Relationship
    Critical Notice of G.A. Cohen's Self-Ownership, Freedom, and Equality.