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    Analysis of forecast performance for hit, miss, and false alarm thundersnow events during ROCS
    Analysis of Gbx genes during neural development
    Analysis of genetic drift within the highly repetitive KSP repeat domain and neurofilament medium [abstract]
    Analysis of heat transfer in subcooled metal powder subjected to pulsed laser heating
    Analysis of heavy-rain-producing elevated thunderstorms in the Mo-Ks-Ok region of the United States
    Analysis of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibition by multiple RNA aptamers
    Analysis of horsepower and consumption in a diesel engine using different blends of ethanol, diesel, and biodiesel [abstract]
    Analysis of hydroxyapatite nanofiber growth [abstract]
    An analysis of income distribution effects of a gasoline tax: evidence from the U.S. micro-level data
    Analysis of interactions between the germline RNA helicases (GLHs) and their regulators KGB-1 and CSN-5 in Caenorhabditis elegans
    An analysis of interannual and interdecadal variability to increase flood response preparedness of the Missouri National Guard
    Analysis of landscape characteristics surrounding deer vehicle accidents in St. Louis County, Missouri
    Analysis of laser-irradiated silicon crystal using x-ray topography [abstract]
    Analysis of Loan Outlays for the 1999 Crop Under Alternative Loan Rate Formulas
    Analysis of lubrication groove geometry
    Analysis of maize mitochondrial genome structures in vivo [abstract]
    An analysis of mammalian taxonomic diversity and domposition of early Paleoindian zooarchaeological assemblages in the United States
    An Analysis of McLean County, Illinois Farmers' Perceptions of Genetically Modified Crops
    An Analysis of Melodic and Durational Continuity in Sonata I for Organ, I, "Mässig Schnell" by Paul Hindemith
    Analysis of Missouri state income tax returns