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    The Celtic legends and their use in the modern Celtic plays and poetry
    Cena Sensacional de Seis Capas
    The Censorship and Press Laws of Sixty Countries
    Censorship and Theater in 20th Century Russia
    The centennial of engineering education, 1856-1956, University of Missouri, College of Engineering, Columbia
    The centennial report 1870-1970 of the College of Agriculture, University of Missouri-Columbia
    The centennial report, 1870-1970, of the College of Agriculture, University of Missouri-Columbia
    Center of Mass and Relative Motion in Time Dependent Density Functional Theory
    Center of mass and relative motion in time dependent density functional theory
    Central issues in agricultural policy : report of Seminar on Agricultural Marketing and Policy jointly sponsored by University of Missouri--Columbia and M.G. and Johnnye D. Perry Foundation of Robstown, Texas, held October 8-9, 1973, Columbia, Missouri.
    Central Works of Philosophy;Volume 5
    Centralized and decentralized police systems : a cross-national mixed-methods study of the effects of policing structures with lessons for Thailand
    Centromere function and evolution in maize (Zea mays)
    A century later another surprise: A non-visual behavioral function of the white gene
    A century of Missouri agriculture
    Cerebellar and Cerebral Cortex
    Cerebellar white matter abnormalities in phenylketonuria (PKU) [abstract]
    Cerebrovascular Accident Behavioral Modification Education for High-Risk Women
    Certain responses of apple trees to nitrogen applications of different kinds and at different seasons
    Cervical spine injuries