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    Dielectric constant of particles determined by impedance spectroscopy [abstract]
    Diels-alder reactions of a cyclopentadienone derivative
    Diet vs Exercise for Weight Loss
    Diet, subsistence and health: a bioarchaeological analysis of Chongos, Perú
    Dietary analysis of archaeological hair samples from Peru
    Dietary genistein influences function of mouse aorta
    Dietary supplementation of inorganic and organic Zn effect on the microbial population of nursery pigs [abstract]
    The difference between secondary school principals' servant leadership in lower achieving and higher achieving secondary schools
    The Difference Between Thinking and Action: the Failings of the Moral Resources
    Differences between Martin Luther's preaching and theology on sexual morality [abstract]
    Differences between Weibo discussion and Xinhue coverage of the Chinese boycott of the Japanese goods
    Differences in habitat use of gray treefrogs (Hyla versicolor) in experimental forest plots
    Differences in parents', siblings', and observers' ratings of family interaction tasks
    Differences in pollen to ovule ratios and reproductive organ size between autogamous and crossing species of Nicotiana
    Differences in pre-service teachers' epistemological beliefs: a cross-sectional study
    Differences in seedling vigor among diverse cotton genotypes
    Differential Diagnosis of Tremor
    Differential effects of grape seed extract on inflammatory responses of microglial cells [abstract]
    Differential Effects Of Increasing Physical Activity And Reducing Energy Intake On Cardiometabolic And Energetic Parameters In Obesity-Prone Juvenile Rats
    Differential effects of negative and positive affect on context processing