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    Non-residues and primitive roots in Beatty sequences [1]
    Non-volatile liquid-film-embedded microfluidic valve for microscopic evaporation control and contactless bio-fluid delivery applications [1]
    Nonaliquots and Robbins Numbers [1]
    Nondestructive evaluation for hybrid-composite girder bridges [1]
    A noninvasive approach to understanding adaptation, crop raiding behavior, and the fecal microbiota of the African elephant [1]
    Nonlinear complexity of the Naor-Reingold pseudo-random function [1]
    A Nonlinear IV Likelihood-Based Rank Test for Multivariate Time Series and Long Panels [1]
    Nonlinearity, Nonstationarity, and Thick Tails: How They Interact to Generate Persistency in Memory [1]
    Nonlocal theory of accelerated observers [1]
    The nonparametric analysis of interval-censored failure time data [1]
    Nonprofit communication & brand building [1]
    Nonprofits and new media: how do NPOs and their employees adopt and use new media to communicate with and influence their community? [1]
    Nontraditional journalists on the front line of the digital transformation [1]
    Not all forests are disturbed equally: population dynamics and resource selection of black-backed woodpeckers in the Black Hills, South Dakota [1]
    Not so sweet: Honey for acute cough in children [1]
    Notes on his poems by a guy who observed them in their natural habitat [1]
    a novel [1]
    A Novel cell phone based application for tracking the vaccination coverage in rural communities [1]
    Novel design of multiphase reactors for Biomass-To-Liquid synthesis [abstract] [1]
    A novel framework for protein structure prediction [1]