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    Design and Usability of Eldertech Health Monitoring Sensor Interface
    Design and validation of a digital core for wireless communication with RFID-enabled devices
    Design and validation of wearable wireless sensors
    Design Criteria for Bottom-Withdrawal (Lake-Cleaning) Spillway
    Design criteria for bottom-withdrawal (lake-cleaning) spillway
    Design Criteria for Canopy and Hood Inlet Spillways
    Design criteria for cross-slope channels
    Design Criteria For Debris Basins
    Design Criteria for Formless Concrete Flumes
    Design of a low-power analog circuit for an implantable RFID-enabled device with passive pressure sensor
    Design of a miniaturized nano-fluid pulsating heat pipe [abstract]
    Design of a signal scavenging sensor system for passive monitoring in elder care technology
    Design of a single sided linear induction motor (SLIM) using a user interactive computer program
    Design of a water tower energy storage system
    Design of a wireless platform for wearable and home automation applications
    Design of an Automatic System for the University of Missouri Research Reactor's (MURR) Small Diameter Pneumatic-Tube (P-Tube) System [abstract]
    Design of an Efficient Controller for Arterial Oxygen Saturation in Neonatal Infants
    Design of an electrical system for swaging targets in the production of molybdenum-99 [abstract]
    Design of an Epidemiologic Study of Drinking Water Arsenic Exposure and Skin and Bladder Cancer Risk in a U.S. Population
    Design of distribution channel: direct sale vs. mixed sale