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    Cedar rust of apples in Missouri
    Celani's Wire Excess Heat Effect Replication
    A celebration of Mizzou Advantage
    Cell identification, verification, and classification using shape analysis techniques
    Cell lines for the study of bone formation and regulation [abstract]
    Cell mechanics studied using atomic force microscopy
    Cell on the move: Remodeling of the vascular wall [abstract]
    Cell structure
    Cell Wall Proteome in the Maize Primary Root Elongation Zone. II. Region-Specific Changes in Water Soluble and Lightly Ionically Bound Proteins under Water Deficit
    Cell-matrix interaction in tissue patterning
    Cell-to-cell infection, cell-cell fusion and production of ebolavirus : mechanisms of action and cellular modulators
    A Cello Student's Introduction to Cellist-Composers: Eleven Composers of Cello Methods
    The cells of the adrenal cortex of the ewe during the estrual cycle and pregnancy
    Cellular aggregates under pressure
    The cellular and humoral immune response against primary infection with Coxiella burnetii
    The Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Prostaglandin E₂ in Myogenesis
    Cellular behaviors regulating tangential migration of facial branchiomotor neurons in the zebrafish embryo
    The Cellular Immune Response to Murine Lyme borreliosis
    Cellular neural network virtual machine for graphics hardware with applications in image processing
    Cellulose analysis for digestion trials : effect of two cellulose methods on cellulose content of feed and feces and the coefficients of digestibility of cellulose