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    Biodegradation of selected organic nitrogen compounds in activated sludge systems
    Biodiesel blends for fueling diesel engines
    Biodistribution of lead, arsenic, and gold nanoparticles following respiratory, oral and IV exposure of rats and swine
    Biodiversity of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in restored grasslands of different ages
    Bioenergy from Algae: Cultivation and Harvest of Locally-Isolated Microalgae Strains for Biomass Production [abstract]
    Bioenergy Research and Education at MU Research Centers [abstract]
    Bioethicists in the news: the evolving role of bioethicists as expert sources in science and medical stories
    Biofortification for China: Political Responses to Food Fortification and GM Technology, Interest Groups, and Possible Strategies
    Biofortified Crops and Biotechnology: A Political Economy Landscape for India
    Biofortified Foods and Crops in West Africa: Mali and Burkina Faso
    Biofuel Policies and Carbon Leakage
    Biofuel policies and food grain commodity prices 2006-2012: all boom and no bust?
    Biofuel policies and markets in an uncertain world
    Biofuels in the US: today and in the future
    Biofuels Role in Global Food and Energy Security
    Biofuels: Impact of Selected Farm Bill Provisions and other Biofuel Policy Options
    Biogenesis of the Protein Storage Vacuole Crystalloid
    Biogeochemistry and inorganic geochemistry as indicators of the paleoenvironment and paleohydrology of the Al-Azraq Basin, Jordan
    A Biographical Sketch of John Ness Beck