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    Determinants that govern alternative splicing of the large intron of minute virus of mice p4-generated PRE-mRNA
    Determination and analysis of multiphoton excitation emissive species.: I,: Emission of PAHS in acidic medium,: II,: Multiphoton emission of possible PDT agents
    Determination of ABA Concentration in Three Stages of Development Among Inbred lines Mo17, Fr697, B73, and B97 [abstract]
    Determination of allelic expression of H19 in pre- and peri-implantation mouse embryos
    Determination of allergen sensitization and comparison of subcutaneous and mucosal (intranasal) allergen-specific immunotherapy in an experimental model of feline asthma
    Determination of AtSCD1 mRNA and protein levels in the temperature sensitive mutant scd1-1
    Determination of conditions for optimum labeling of DOTA-Y3-Octreotate with terbium-161 [abstract]
    Determination of Consistency of a Descriptive Sensory Panel [abstract]
    Determination of fat percentage using three different methods within marbling scores on beef longissimus muscle
    Determination of iron sucrose (Venofer) or iron dextran (DexFerrum) removal by hemodialysis: an in-vitrostudy
    Determination of low bacterial and viral concentrations in water and selective removal of pathogenic bacteria in water filtration systems
    Determination of Magnesium Using EDTA
    Determination of probabilistic models for resistance of Missouri bridges
    Determination of scour susceptibility through rapid assessment
    Determination of the efficacy of an applied vacuum at the skin surface during the laser therapy of Port Wine Stain (PWS) [abstract]
    The determination of the lecithans in the tissues and fluids of the animal body
    A determination of the reliability and construct validity of the Leadership Capacity School Survey
    Determination of total selenium and seleno-amino acids in yeast and aquatic organisms by liquid chromatography and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
    Determination of trace elements levels in human plasma and radiated mice tongue by inductively coupled plasma-mass-spectrometry (ICP-MS)
    Determination of trace elements levels in plasma from larvae in the course of baculoviral and bacterial infections by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)