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    Changes in fatty acids profiles after three weeks of high-fat diet feeding in obesity-prone rats
    Changes in financial performance, Missouri local form supply cooperatives, 1983-1985
    Changes in financial risk tolerance, 1983-2001
    Changes in form and weight on different planes of nutrition.
    Changes in free amino acid levels in the blood of growing swine as an index to protein quality and availability
    Changes in health behavior and opinions among open-country families in two Missouri counties 1955-56 and 1968
    Changes in Ion Channel Expression Levels Following Axonal Injury in the Crustacean Stomatogastric Ganglion [abstract]
    Changes in lindane residue.
    Changes in Missouri farming since 1935 as reported in the census
    Changes in muscle force production and pain: is there a relationship?
    Changes in nerve cells
    Changes in properties of lamprey reticulospinal neurons following spinal cord injury
    Changes in proportion of carcass and offal on different plans of nutrition.
    Changes in public library youth services: A content analysis of youth services job advertisements.
    Changes in selected soil quality indicators in forested soils following sawlog harvest
    Changes in stable carbon isotopes of methane along a salinity gradient in a hypersaline microbial mat system
    Changes in the chemical composition of the timothy plant during growth and ripening, with a comparative study of the wheat plant.
    Changes in the compostion of the mature dairy cow during fattening.
    Changes in turkey contracting, 1967-68
    Changes produced in apple trees by various types of pruning