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    Characterizing carrier transport in silicon thin film metal semiconductor metal structures
    Characterizing Impacts of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Urban Runoff Potential Using the HEC-GeoHMS Model
    Characterizing low-dimensional phenotypes by clustering
    Characterizing middle and secondary preservice teachers' change in inferential reasoning
    Characterizing optical properties in fibrous tissues
    Characterizing performance via behavior co-occurrences in a 3D collaborative virtual learning environment : an exploratory study of performance and design
    Characterizing polymerization dynamics using fluorescent molecular rotors and magnetoelastic sensors
    Characterizing serotonin in the fruit fly brain [abstract]
    Characterizing the Arabidopsis frd3 Mutant Through an Activation Tagging Screen [abstract]
    Characterizing the Arabidopsis frd3 mutant through an activation tagging screen [abstract]
    Characterizing the nutrient content of native Missouri grasses for grazing cattle [abstract]
    Characterizing the progression of disease associated with human meniscal pathology
    Characterizing the relative timing and conditions of gold and base-metal deposition in the northern part of the Yellowknife Greenstone Belt, Northwest Territories, Canada
    Characterizing the retroviral envelope glycoprotein membrane proximal external region and membrane-spanning domains for their roles in helical alignment, fusogenicity, and incorporation into viral particles.
    Characterizing the role of Glycine max NHL gene family members in plant-nematode interactions [abstract]
    Characters connected with the yield of the corn plant
    Characters in Theatre for Orchestra
    Charge collection mechanisms in a sub-micron grated MSM photodector: field analysis
    Charge ordering via electron-electron interactions in the colossal-magnetoresistive manganites
    Charge stacking in the half-doped manganites