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    Does BP screening benefit children?
    Does breastfeeding lead to more postpartum weight loss compared with non-breastfeeding?
    Does breastfeeding protect against viral GI infections in children <2 years old?
    Does brief physician counseling promote weight loss?
    Does caffeine improve cognitive function in sleep-deprived individuals?
    Does calcium with vitamin D prevent postmenopausal fractures?
    Does case management improve diabetes outcomes?
    Does central nervous system stimulant therapy improve symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults?
    Does cervical length screening improve pregnancy outcomes?
    Does cervical membrane stripping in women with group B Streptococcus put the fetus at risk?
    Does cesarean section improve maternal or neonatal outcomes in preeclampsia?
    Does chocolate have cardiovascular benefits?
    Does chocolate reduce blood pressure?
    Does chromium supplementation improve glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes?
    Does coenzyme Q10 supplementation help reduce statin-induced myalgia?
    Does colon cancer screening with surveillance colonoscopy reduce colorectal cancer mortality in adults with long-standing inflammatory bowel disease (>8 years)?
    Does combining aspirin and warfarin decrease the risk of stroke for patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation?
    Does conservative management work as well as probing in the management of infant tear duct obstruction?
    Does consumption of green tea decrease morbidity or mortality due to cardiovascular disease?
    Does consumption of green tea decrease mortality due to cardiovascular disease?