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    Characteristics of Missouri livestock auction markets
    Characteristics of summer habitats of selected nongame birds in Missouri
    Characteristics of the French Violin School Found in the Music of Beethoven
    Characterization [of] nucleic acids unwinding and exploring its application in miRNA detection in the nanopore
    Characterization and functional analysis of the P2Y₂R gene promoter
    Characterization and functional significance of Msc2p & Zrg17p, which form a zinc transport complex in the endoplasmic reticulum of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Characterization and MEMS applications of nanothermite materials
    Characterization and nondimensional analysis of a variable speed centrifugal pump
    Characterization of "t-z" model design parameters for augered cast-in-place piles using field load test data
    Characterization of 14-3-3 [chi] phosphorylation in phosphorus stress in Arabidopsis thaliana and investigation of acetyl-coA carboxylase regulation using quantitative mass spectrometry
    Characterization of 16B09 and 2D01 effector proteins in cyst nematodes
    Characterization of a lithium niobate piezoelectric transformer
    Characterization of a novel regulator and predictors of sensitivity to trail-induced apoptosis in breast cancer cells
    Characterization of a P2Y2 nucleotide receptor antibody by Western blot analysis [abstract]
    Characterization of a piezoelectric transformer plasma source
    Characterization of a putative mutant for iron homeostasis
    Characterization of a recombinant inbred line population for quantitative trait locus mapping
    Characterization of a soybean BAG gene and its potential role in nematode resistance
    Characterization of a transgenic pig model carrying green fluorescent proteasomes
    Characterization of Acyclic Rhodium Tetrathioether Ligans Systems for 105Rh(III)