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    Effect of high peroxide value fats on performance of broilers in normal and immune challenged states [1]
    Effect of Higher Energy Prices from H.R. 2454 on Missouri Crop Production Costs [1]
    Effect of hydrogen in the crystallization of amorphous silicon carbide for betavoltaic fabrication [abstract] [1]
    Effect of immediate post-harvest freezing conditions and storage temperature on the composition of Norton grapes [1]
    The Effect of Improvisation in Given Rhythms on Rhythmic Accuracy in Sight Reading Achievement by Beginning College Group Piano Students [1]
    Effect of increasing trimethylamine and organic matter concentration on stable carbon isotopes of methane produced in hypersaline, substrate limited environments [1]
    The effect of Jumbotron advertising on the experience of attending major league baseball games [1]
    Effect of lactation on blood progesterone concentrations in dairy cattle [abstract] [1]
    The effect of lactation on growth [1]
    Effect of lactic acid source on properties of silver carp restructured with alginate gel [1]
    The effect of leadership development on first-year college students reported self-regulation and self-efficacy [abstract] [1]
    The effect of level of detail and navigability on spatial size perception [1]
    The effect of liming an acid soil on the growth of certain legumes [1]
    The effect of maternal genotype, prenatal stress, and perinatal diet in offspring behavior in an animal model of autism [1]
    Effect of menu-item placement on item-selection frequency [abstract] [1]
    The effect of mGluR2 3 agonist, LY379268, and a mGluR4 positive allosteric modulator, VU0155041, on conditioned taste aversion [1]
    Effect of microglia cell activation on neuronal cells in coculture [abstract] [1]
    The effect of modafinil on psychostimulant-evoked [³H]dopamine release from rat striatal slices [1]
    The effect of modality and response strategy on evaluations of credibility and reputation [1]
    The Effect of Monetary Policy on Economic Output [1]