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    Predicting predictive accuracy : [1]
    Predicting protein residue-residue contacts and disorder [1]
    Predicting Risk of Mathematical Learning Difficulties in Preschoolers: the Role of Symbolic and Nonsymbolic Quantitative Knowledge [1]
    Predicting stock price using sentiment analysis combining Twitter, search engine and investor intelligence data [1]
    Predicting student performance in sonographic scanning using spatial ability as an ability determinent of skill acquisition [1]
    Predicting the job and life satisfaction of women engineers: a test of Lents (2004) unifying social cognitive career theory of well-being ( [1]
    Predicting the MRI results [1]
    Predicting the Spatial Distribution of Ground Flora on Large Domains Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model [1]
    Preformed Particle Gels for Conformance Control [1]
    Pregnancy intention among women with cystic fibrosis: a theory of planned behavior model [1]
    Prehospital intravenous access and fluid resuscitation in severe sepsis: an observational cohort study [1]
    Preliminary analysis on the pulping of corn stover using aqueous ethanol and supercritical carbon dioxide [1]
    A Preliminary Evaluation of the Missouri Family Development Training and Credentialing Program (MOFDC) [1]
    A Preliminary Osteological Analysis of the University of Missouri Anatomy Osteology Collection [1]
    Preliminary Risk Assessment of Transgenic Plant Use in Ukraine [1]
    Prelude in E-flat Major, Op. 23, No. 6 [sound recording] [1]
    Preludes, piano, op. 23. No. 6 [1]
    Preparata Medal Winner Pam Boss [1]
    Preparation of Quantum Fingerprint-Ready Metal-Gallium Arsenide Interfaces for Molecular Characterization [1]
    Preparation, Characterization and Performance Study of Modified Titanium Dioxide Nanocrystals for the Lithium-Ion Battery [1]