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    Prescribing statins for patients with ACS? No need to wait [1]
    Present-day and late Quaternary crustal deformation along the southern Dead Sea Fault System, Jordan [1]
    Presenting the dragon to the eagle : testing the influence of message framing and valence on public perceptions [1]
    Preservice elementary teachers' initial and post-course views of mathematical arguments: an interpretative phenomenological analysis [1]
    Preservice teacher beliefs about education from their experiences as K-12 students and members of an adolescent subculture [1]
    President Gary Forsee Podcast [1]
    Presidential illness and disability: the health and performance of presidents from 1789-1901 [1]
    Press freedom and reporting on the government in Myanmar [1]
    Press Start: Narrative Integration in 16-bit Video Game Music [1]
    Pressure studies of impurity levels in AlxGa1-xAs [1]
    Pressure-induced phase transitions in select molybdates and tungstates [1]
    Prevalence, Correlates, and Inter-hospital Variation of Early Outpatient Follow-up After Acute Myocardial Infarction [1]
    Prevent Crime: Early Childhood Education as a Crime Prevention Tool [1]
    Preventative programs targeting aggression among college students [1]
    Preventing and Controlling Damage Caused by Cottontail Rabbits [1]
    Preventing severity of oral mucositis for the adult receiving in-patient chemotherapy [1]
    Preventing Shocks to Cows in Milking Parlors [1]
    Preventing Sulfa Residues in Pork [1]
    Prevention of Poultry Disease [1]
    Price Experimentation with Strategic Buyers [1]