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    Disseminated chlorellosis in a dog
    Dissipation and carryover of imidazolinone herbicides in imidazolinone-resistant rice (Oryza sativa)
    Dissipation through spin Coulomb drag in electronic spin dynamics
    Dissipation through spin Coulomb drag in electronic spin transport and optical excitations
    The dissolution of character in late romantic British literature, 1816-1837
    The dissolution rate of unirratiated UO₂ under repository conditions: the influence of fuel and water chemistry, dissolved oxygen, and temperature
    Distance and disparity: social disadvantage and the distribution of hazardous waste in America
    Distances sets that are a shift of the integers and Fourier basis for planar convex sets
    Distinct, crucial roles of flavonoids during legume nodulation
    Distinction in death: an analysis of individuality, sociality, and brand consumption in contemporary American funeral practices
    Distributed association rule mining using an in-memory cluster computer framework
    A distributed CPU-GPU framework for large-scale pairwise alignment
    Distributed Power Source Using Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
    Distributed querying of clinical documents modeled as HL7 version 3 standard
    Distributed RDF query processing and reasoning for big data / linked data
    Distributed resource allocation and performance optimization for video communication over mesh networks based on swarm intelligence
    Distributed video encoding: Development and implementation of methods to distribute computationally difficult work
    Distribution and abundance of anurans in southeast Missouri
    A distribution network design model based on network splitting
    Distribution of a Stream-breeding Salamander, Desmognathus ocoee, in Terrestrial Habitat Suggests the Ecological Importance of Low-order Streams