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    The effect of brand name congruity and product category on consumers' attitudes toward brand names
    The effect of caloric restriction on the mitotic rates of mice
    The effect of Camgaroo-2 incorporation on the differentiation potential of embryonic stem cells
    The Effect of Campaign Spending in Missouri State Legislative Elections 1998-2006 [abstract]
    Effect of chip thickness, sub-critical bifurcations and process parameters in high-speed milling
    The effect of civil society on governance and institutional performance in third- and fourth-Wave democracies
    Effect of clearcutting on the habitat within the clearcut and the surrounding forest and its relationship to the presence of wood thrush (Hylocichla mustelina) in the Current River Conservation Area
    Effect of colostral administration practices on serum immunoglobulin concentration in dairy calves
    Effect of commercial feed additives on production variables and metabolic markers of the periparturient dairy cow
    Effect of Cooling Rates on Mineralization in Portland Cement Clinker
    Effect of cotton seed meal upon the churnability of cream, and the market qualities of the butter
    The effect of country of design, parts, and manufacturing labels on apparel quality, price, and purchase intention
    Effect of delayed auditory feedback levels on vowel duration [abstract]
    Effect of Delayed Polymerization Time and Bracket Manipulation on Orthodontic Bracket Bonding
    Effect of diet properties on the degradation of cartilage in mandibular symphysis
    The Effect of Dietary Fiber on the Physio-Chemical and Sensorial Properties of Frozen Yogurt
    Effect of different marinade treatments on survival and morphology of pathogens in beef jerky
    The effect of different nutritive planes upon the economy of gain and the rate of growth of young cattle
    The effect of digitalis on the cardiac peripheral neuro-muscular complex
    The Effect of Director's Personal Communication with Church Choir Members on Rehearsal Attendance