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    Effect of swine diets supplemented with magnesium sulfate and electroytes on pork quality [1]
    Effect of temperature on a soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] mutant [1]
    Effect of temperature, density, and strength of electric current on the spectra of gases [1]
    The Effect of the Bologna Process on Select Musical Institutions in Europe [1]
    The Effect of the Designated Hitter Rule on Hit Batsmen: Pitcher's Moral Hazard or the Team's Cost-Benefit Calculation?: A Comment [1]
    Effect of the National Milk Producers Federation Proposal for the 2007 Farm Bill on the US Dairy Sector [1]
    The effect of the physical classroom environment on literacy outcomes: how 3rd grade teachers use the physical classroom to implement a balanced literacy curriculum [1]
    Effect of the plane of nutrition on the ash constituents of cow's milk [1]
    The effect of the school finance reforms in Vermont and New Hampshire on per pupil spending [1]
    The Effect of Thermal Annealing on Phase Separation in Organic Photovoltaic Films [1]
    The effect of timber stand improvement practices on the abundance of Pileated Woodpeckers [1]
    Effect of transgene introgression site on gene migration from transgenic b. napus to b. rapa [abstract] [1]
    The effect of troponin I phosphorylation on the steepness of the Frank-Starling relationship [1]
    The Effect of Trust on Public Support for Biotechnology: Evidence from the U.S. Biotechnology Study, 1997-1998 [1]
    The effect of uranyl on a sulfur-bound amino acid [abstract] [1]
    The effect of vegetation density on sampling volume by ultrasonic bat detectors (AnabatIIÆ) [abstract] [1]
    The effect of violent video game exposure on emotion modulation of startle and aggression [1]
    The effect of violent video game play on emotion modulation of startle [1]
    The effect of weed density, root senescence, and egg density on western corn rootworm larval establishment, survivorship, and damage potential [1]
    Effect of zinc oxide and silver nanoparticles on intestinal bacteria [1]