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    Do low sodium diets reduce the morbidity and mortality in patients with congestive heart failure?
    Do macrolides have long-term clinical benefits in patients with severe asthma?
    Do mandibular advancing devices reduce the number of apneic events during sleep in adult patients with sleep apnea?
    Do measures aimed at preventing aspiration pneumonia in older adults alter morbidity or mortality?
    Do nasal decongestants relieve symptoms?
    Do NIH grant awardees have access to the articles they need?
    Do nonmedicated topicals relieve childhood eczema?
    Do NSAIDs delay bone healing in patients with acute fractures?
    Do NSAIDs impede fracture healing?
    Do nursing homes improve the quality of life in elderly individuals with dementia?
    Do office-based literacy interventions promote language development in children?
    Do omega-3 fatty acids affect total mortality or cardiovascular events?
    Do oral contraceptives carry a significant risk of stroke for women with migranes?
    Do oral contraceptives put women with a family history of breast cancer at increased risk?
    Do oral hypoglycemic agents reduce mortality in type 2 diabetes?
    Do OTC remedies relieve cough in acute URIs?
    Do patients at high risk of Alzheimer's disease benefit from early treatment?
    Do patients on combined oral contraceptives (COCs) experience a change in libido compared with patients not on COCs?
    Do patients with asymptomatic aortic stenosis (AS) require surveillance with cardiac echocardiography?
    Do Patients with Craniosynostosis Have an Increased Incidence of Auditory Neuropathy as Newborns?