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    Profiling Student Engaged Learning: Using Data for Changing Instruction and Achievement. [1]
    Profiling women's breast cancer screening practices using data mining [1]
    Profitable Poultry: Raising Birds on Pasture [1]
    Progenitor or Mere Predecessor: A Study of Ukiyo-e's Place in the Development of Modern Manga Through the Works of Rumiko Takahashi [1]
    Prognostic value of fasting cholesterol is no better than nonfasting [1]
    Program and Personal Factors as Predictors of Spiritual Competence [1]
    Program assessment: industrial hygiene and safety sciences [1]
    Program evaluation of the character [1]
    A program evaluation of the character education program at a junior high school in Saint Louis County [1]
    A program evaluation of the state mandated school board member training by Missouri Association of Rural Educators [1]
    Programme Celebration of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Saint Louis Mercantile Library Association [1]
    A programming comparison: the APRE vs. linear periodization in short term periods [1]
    Progress in Diamond Sensor Development for Use in LENR Experiments [1]
    The progress of Celani's experiment replication project in China [1]
    Proinflammatory Cytokine / Chemokine Expression in Human Astrocytes: Induction by HIV-1 Nef [1]
    Project ARCHES: an evaluation of a modified family check-up intervention in an assessment setting [1]
    Project ASSIST 1998-2000 Middle Level Schools [1]
    Project ASSIST Frameworks [1]
    Project ASSIST Visioning Activities [1]
    Project ASSIST: A Comprehensive, Systemic Change Initiative for Middle Level Schools [1]