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    Dynamic Virtual Network Restoration with Optimal Standby Virtual Router Selection
    Dynamical Corrections to the DFT-LDA Electron Conductance in Nanoscale Systems
    Dynamical exchange-correlation potentials for an electron liquid
    Dynamical exchange-correlation potentials for the electron liquid in the spin channel
    Dynamical Jahn-Teller effect, double exchange and the isotope shift in the manganites: a toy model
    The Dynamics of Biotechnology in the Soybean Marketplace
    Dynamics of discourse : power and culture in Precolonial Rwanda
    Dynamics of dissipative quantum Hall edges
    Dynamics of Eddy-Driven Low-Frequency Dipole Modes. Part I: A Simple Model of North Atlantic Oscillations
    Dynamics of Eddy-Driven Low-Frequency Dipole Modes. Part II: Free Mode Characteristics of NAO and Diagnostic Study
    Dynamics of extended spinning masses in a gravitational field
    Dynamics of flux penetration and critical currents in type-II superconductors
    Dynamics of Gas Exchange through the Fractal Architecture of the Human Lung, Modeled as an Exactly Solvable Hierarchical Tree [abstract]
    The dynamics of modern realignments: examining the role of campaign messages in the realignment process
    Dynamics of Relativistic Flows
    The Dynamics of Scientific Controversies
    The dynamics of superfluid 4He
    The (dys)functionality of deceptive affection: Using a goals-based approach to understand the process of deceptive affection and its connection to relational health in friends with benefits and other intimate relationships
    Dysmenorrhea: diagnostics
    Dysmorphic features: common syndromes and sequences