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    Design of a low-power analog circuit for an implantable RFID-enabled device with passive pressure sensor
    Design of a miniaturized nano-fluid pulsating heat pipe [abstract]
    Design of a signal scavenging sensor system for passive monitoring in elder care technology
    Design of a single sided linear induction motor (SLIM) using a user interactive computer program
    Design of a water tower energy storage system
    Design of a wireless platform for wearable and home automation applications
    Design of an Automatic System for the University of Missouri Research Reactor's (MURR) Small Diameter Pneumatic-Tube (P-Tube) System [abstract]
    Design of an Efficient Controller for Arterial Oxygen Saturation in Neonatal Infants
    Design of an electrical system for swaging targets in the production of molybdenum-99 [abstract]
    Design of an Epidemiologic Study of Drinking Water Arsenic Exposure and Skin and Bladder Cancer Risk in a U.S. Population
    Design of distribution channel: direct sale vs. mixed sale
    Design of learning objects to support constructivist learning environments
    Design of lithium air batteries with aqueous electrolyte
    Design of reinforced concrete settling basin for St. Joseph, MO
    Design of spill tube with features for controlling air bubble generated for aircraft applicaitons
    The design of ultrafast routes to synthesis carbon nanotubes by microwave
    Design optimization and efficiency modeling of a hot gas vane motor
    Design studios' effects on the quality of design and communication at Gannett Daily newspapers
    Design, Analysis and Dynamic Phenomena of MEMS Capacitive Power Harvester
    Design, baseline characteristics, and retention of African American light smokers into a randomized trial involving biological data