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    Rendering assistance to best advantage: the development of women's activism in Kansas City, 1870 to World War I [1]
    Renewable Energy Revenues, Carbon Credits, and Subsidies in Agricultural Waste Treatment Economic Decisions [abstract] [1]
    Repetition Effects in Object Switch Costs: Against a Switch Cost Measure of a Discrete Focus of Attention [1]
    Report (Institute of Public Policy) ; 06-2009 [1]
    Report of a Survey of State Mathematics Supervisors: What influence has NCTM's Curriculum Focal Points had on state-level specification of learning goals? [1]
    Report of the Saint Louis Mercantile Library Association, 1867 [1]
    Report of the St. Louis Mercantile Library Association, 1862 [1]
    Report of the St. Louis Mercantile Library Association, 1863 [1]
    Reporting complex legal issues: an examination of the reportage on Citizens United and ACA [1]
    Reporting on Money in Politics During the Non-election Cycle [1]
    Reporting on Rape: Myths, Context and Sources [1]
    Representation in State Legislatures [1]
    Representation in State Legislatures: A Focus on Missouri [1]
    Representation of Kansas City in the Priests of Pallas Parade [1]
    Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology of the Bull [1]
    Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology of the Cow [1]
    The Republic of Korea's public libraries: a critical examination of censorship practices [1]
    Request for Proposal [1]
    Request for Proposals: Mizzou Advantage Round 2 Funding Opportunities [1]
    Research Agendas and Time: Persistence and Change in the Profession’s Questions [1]